Factors That Have Led To The Increase Of Female Gamblers

Gambling has traditionally been seen as a male-dominated past time. Whether it’s in land-based casinos, Poker tournaments, or betting shops, the cliental that dominated these gambling environments were mostly male. This may still be the case even in today’s transformed gambling landscape, but once you move from the real to the virtual gambling world, a totally different picture emerges.

Traditional gambling that takes place in the venues already mentioned is seen as not being very female-friendly. In fact, it can be quite intimidating for a female to enter a high street betting shop even today. This is why online gambling is such a runaway success story. It offers gamblers anonymity and the choice to gamble in the comfort of their own homes – learn more.

The Decade That Changed Gambling Forever 

In the 1990s the introduction of the internet into people’s households transformed how we live our lives. It brought services to our fingertips and made life more convenient. We could shop online, pay bills and keep in touch with friends and family in more ways than ever before. 

Entertainment moved online too, you could play computer games, watch movies and of course, you could gamble. The major breakthrough year for the gambling industry was 1996. This saw the introduction of the first online casino that offered traditional table games to the masses, on an online virtual platform.

However, things were developing elsewhere in the gambling industry and in the same year WMS Industries Inc released the first online video slot called Reel Em. This was the first-ever slot to feature a second screen bonus and it paved the way for a myriad of video slots to be invented.

It wasn’t long before this new style of slot game was included on the menu of an increasing number of online casinos. These online entities were proving a huge hit with the public and gambling was hitting the mainstream. This new form of gambling appealed to a wider audience. Both young and old and male and female found something of interest at these online casinos.

Video slots became the number one attraction and this flourishing industry started to create more intricate games. These new digital games had mass appeal and brought slots to a wider audience. 

The new digital platform allowed game designers to produce more complex and rewarding bonus rounds and special features that were more immersive than ever. In fact, all slots were much improved. 

Again these new games proved very popular and along with state of the art graphics and gameplay, slots continued to be the major draw. 

The Rise In Female Gamblers 

There are a number of factors that have led to the rise of female gamblers. A lot of females used to play bingo in land-based bingo halls up and down the country. This was the most popular form of gambling for generations of women. Bingo was also seen as a fun night out to socialize with friends.

Many females along with much of the new gambling cliental were inexperienced gamblers and this is why slots appealed to this demographic. It is clear that there has always been a fascination when it comes to slot machines and the public. This can be attributed to their unpredictability as each spin is randomly generated. This gets the adrenaline pumping as players anticipate the outcome of each spin.

However, simplicity is the key attraction and even the most inexperienced gambler can figure out a slot game quite quickly. You can of course play the games in practice or demo mode to understand how each game works before you put down any cash.

Slots now are totally immersive thanks to improvements in technology and are no longer three-reel games with fruit symbols on them. Thanks to the internet creating a mass market for slot games, today’s online casinos are bursting full of games that cater to all tastes.

Furthermore, because of this new demand for slots, game developers are throwing everything they have into making each game bigger and better than their rival’s offerings. Female gamblers have really taken to slots and they now have the best of both worlds. They can also play bingo at these sites and keep the social side by chatting with friends in the chat rooms that accompany many online casinos.

Recent studies performed by the UK Gambling Commission illustrate how the internet has changed online slots and the gambling landscape beyond recognition. They discovered that a staggering 39% of online slot players were female. The number of women using mobile devices to play on the slots had also risen by 5%.

More women are also working from home and new mums on maternity leave have all they need if they wish to relax with some slot or bingo action whilst looking after their children. 

Final Thoughts

There are major differences between male and female gamblers. Women prefer certain types of gambling like bingo and slots and they also enjoy gambling on the go. Gambling is seen as more of a social event and females are more likely to use chat rooms that accompany casinos sites.

Women are also attracted to the visuals that accompany today’s sophisticated slots and they like that slots are free from strategy unlike games like Poker. Themed slots that are based on TV shows and films also score highly with a female audience.

If women want to participate in sports betting they like the fact that they no longer need to visit a high street betting shop.  They can place sports bets from home and are therefore more likely to experiment in this sort of betting, although it has to be said that this still remains a male-dominated arena.

The gambling industry has sat up and noted that many more women are gambling and now cater to them with casino brands such as Pink Casino. With new female generations joining in, female gambling numbers will not be decreasing in the future.

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