Exclusive: ‘Captain Underpants Epic Choice-O-Rama’ Trailer Lets You Choose the Adventure

It’s our pleasure to bring you the exclusive first look at DreamWorks Animation’s new choose-your-own-adventure special, Captain Underpants Epic Choice-O-Rama, premiering on Netflix February 11th. This special episode will be interactive, meaning you the viewer will have total control over what George, Harold, and the title superhero do over the course of this one-of-a-kind adventure. Just what kinds of choices will be at your fingertips? Why, you have only to check out the first trailer to find out!

Based on the epic novels by Dav Pilkey (with over 80 million copies in print!), Captain Underpants was then adapted into a feature film and a hit series on Netflix, boasting three seasons and, now, two specials. Kid viewers and adults alike will get to decide the fate of the iconic characters through several decision options, which are teased below. Be sure to add the series and the special to your Netflix watchlist now!

Check out the trailer for the interactive special below:

Imagine a world where you can control what adventures George and Harold go on. Oh wait, this is that world! Help make decisions along the way in The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants! interactive special, Epic Choice O Rama, coming to Netflix February 11!


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Here’s the official synopsis:

When Principal Krupp has had it with George and Harold’s comics, he threatens to destroy their treehouse once and for all. George and Harold need to hatch a plan to buy the land before Krupp does, and they need your help to do it in this all new interactive Choice-O-Rama special! With no shortage of George and Harold’s imagination and mischief at hand, you’ll be along for every wild twist and turn in their plot to stop Krupp from tearing down the treehouse. Choose fast and choose wisely, as the fate of creativity and comics is literally in your hands!


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