'Ewe' must be bleeping! 29 'stolen' sheep found in two cars

Load space is important to most motorists, whether its for school bags, enough room for a mid-month getaway, or for some, to load ‘ stolen goods’ like 29 sheep.

This is nothing new and we’ve come across countless incidents of poor animals found in compromising positions in regular, road-driving cars. We are not too entirely sure about what kind of cars these are, but one looks to be a smaller, light commercial van, and the other a white VW Polo sedan.

Imagine trying to get the smell of livestock out of your daily drive.

The Stilfontein Stock Theft Unit arrested two of five alleged stock theft suspects on Wednesday (January 30), the Klerksdorp News reported.

What’s the strangest things you have seen people transport in their cars? Also, what would you use to get bad odours out of your vehicle? Email us.

sheep in vehicle

                                         Image: SAPS

The two suspects, aged 33 and 43, were arrested in the early hours in Jouberton township near Klerksdorp, the North West community newspaper said. Both men will appear in the Klerksdorp Magistrates’ Court on Thursday for charges of Stock Theft and Possession of stolen livestock, SAPS reported.

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According to reports, a local farmer in the Paardeplaas area, near Hartbeesfontein, alerted police that his sheep were stolen earlier in the week. The newspaper reported that 39 sheep were allegedly stolen from the farmer.  

The 29 sheep were found in two different vehicles after the drivers were stopped by police, and allegedly could not give proper explanation for the findings in their vehicles. North West police says more arrests are expected.


                                Image: SAPS

Compiled by Janine Van der Post


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