Evil Season 2: What Is Sheryl Pumping into Her Veins?

I actually didn’t notice that, but I would not be surprised if that was true, because Eddie is a real positive force for Sheryl. I had to look at it that way. She is exploring her dark side, but to me, her dark side also involves, as I said, empowerment, and Eddie gives her calm and gives her a sense of confidence and entitlement, and things that she hasn’t really felt in her life. So, she meditates to Eddie. She talks to Eddie. It’s all positive.

Was stealing the dress part of a ritual?

No. I don’t think there’s any kind of evil ritual going on. I think she is exploring, again, her dark side, and maybe satanic kind of stuff. But she was doing this for empowerment, and she has been dealing with a psychopath who is Leland. I don’t think she believes that there’s a devil there. She doesn’t believe in the devil or God for that matter. I think she believes that this man is an abusive, dangerous psychopath, and she’s going to somehow, by hook or by crook, gain power over him.

The stealing of the dress was, I think, an act of rebellion about having to be a good girl, or obeying the rules. I don’t think it’s any kind of demonic possession. It’s not something she does a lot. I think it was a bad thing she did.

You bathe Leland in blood in “I Is for IRS.” What is he getting out of that? He’s human, isn’t he?

He is human. Yeah. I begrudgingly help Leland out. Again, I’m using him, I think, for something much greater, and some eventual power over him. You’d have to ask Michael Emerson or the Kings what she thinks he’s getting from this blood. From Sheryl’s point of view, she says it makes him feel better. It’s like the transfusions that I’m getting, the brown stuff. It is something that makes him feel better, like going to a spa.


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