Everything you need to know about: Salt-Water Sandals

Salt-Water Sandals is an American heritage brand that has been creating summer footwear since 1944. The practical sandals, affectionately called “SALTIES” as they neither fear sun, nor salt water, nor bathing in the sea, can be worn by anyone – children and adults alike.

A hand-stitched sole, buckles with stainless and adjustable tongues and braided leather: The shoes are charatarised by their timeless vintage design, the solidity of the materials and the quality of the craftsmanship designed by founder Walter Hoy.


The story of Salt-Water Sandals began in 1944 in the U.S. during the Second World War. As a way to cope with leather shortages, Walter Hoy, a British immigrant from Norwich, created a pair of sandals for his little daughter Margery using scrap materials from a military boot factory. This is how the first pair of Salt-Water Original sandals was born.

Word spread quickly and soon families from all over St. Louis were asking Hoy if he could make sandals for their children leading to the business Salt-Water Sandals is today.


Four generations of Hoy descendants have continued to create durable leather sandals.
Over the decades, the range of styles has grown and the colour palette has expanded while still preserving the artisanal manufacturing techniques along with the original stitching technique.

The business expanded globally and gained fans all over the world, including celebrities such as Alexa Chung, Sarah Jessica Parker and Lauren Jackson, as well as stars’ children like Blue Ivy, Harper Beckham and Matilda Ledge.


Salt-Walter Sandals made from high-quality, water-resistant leather for sand, sea and shore have been enjoyed by young and old for over 75 years. The brand’s products are available online and offline all around the world through the company’s own online shop and in more than 500 retail stores in Europe.

Picture: Salt-Water Sandals UK & EU, courtesy of the brand


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