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Henry Cavill may be well-regarded by fans for his role as the Man of Steel in the DCEU, but very few video games feature his likeness as Superman.

Superman hasn’t exactly had a string of successful video game adaptations. However, notable television and cinematic versions of the character have been represented in various video games throughout the years. While it remains one of the worst-rated video games of all time, Superman 64 was a take on Superman: The Animated Series. Meanwhile, Superman Returns saw Brandon Routh reprise his role for the video game tie-in of the 2006 movie.

While the latest Superman has momentarily moved on from the DCEU to take up the mantle of the Witcher and possibly something Mass Effect related, Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel has also made a few appearances in video games. Most are small promotional games, while others offer DLC referencing his character. The five Superman games below have featured Cavill’s likeness or cinematic version of the character.

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Man of Steel

Henry Cavill's Superman on the outside of a spaceship in Man of Steel iOS.

Man of Steel is the first of two promotional mobile titles for the Man of Steel movie that starred Henry Cavill’s Superman. Man of Steel‘s story mode followed events of the movie and featured the titular character in combat against General Zod’s forces. Players tapped and swiped the touch screen to attack, parry or dodge. The survival mode added bonus objectives that awarded more experience and awards post-battle for each consecutive enemy players could defeat without dying.

Man of Steel: Hero’s Flight

Superman standing in front of skyscrapers.

Hero’s Flight is an endless runner and the second mobile title released in conjunction with the Man of Steel movie. Players were timed as Superman flew through a level, and he could collect various colored power-ups that granted speed boosts or shielding. Players lost part of their boost every time they ran into an obstacle, but, Superman being who he is, could just use his hero power to demolish buildings in his path. Each level ended by showing global rankings for best completion time.

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Batman v Superman: Who Will Win?

Batman v Superman Who Will Win mobile game cover showing Batman and Superman exchanging punches.

Another endless runner, Who Will Win released alongside the movie Batman v Superman. Players could choose to use Superman or Batman as their character and would run and jump over obstacles while collecting tokens. These tokens could be used to upgrade abilities for either character. Unlike the previous endless runner, Superman did not fly in this game. Once a character ran into an obstacle, players had to rapidly tap the screen. If they could fill up the Batman v Superman logo, they could continue as that character; if not, the game was over.


Injustice Man of Steel alternate character skin preview.

Both Injustice and Injustice Mobile featured a Man of Steel DLC pack that included skins for Superman and Zod. However, Superman did not resemble Cavill, while Zod’s character model did resemble actor Michael Shannon. Similarly, Injustice 2 has a Justice League Superman skin, but the character model again does not look like Cavill. The skins are clearly modeled after the Man of Steel Superman, they just lack the likeness of Cavill. It’s a bit of a shame since the Injustice series is well-received and the only games on this list that aren’t a direct marketing tie-in.

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Justice League VR

Justice League VR allows players to choose and play as any of the movie’s six superheroes, one of which is Cavill’s Superman. However, by the nature of it being a VR game, players don’t actually see the character of Superman other than his hands and occasionally his disembodied arms. Therefore, his likeness once again does not feature in this game, but the player is intended to be portraying him as they fly through levels and defeat enemies.

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