Events Companies are Struggling to Find Bartenders in the UK

Events Companies are Struggling to Find Bartenders in the UK

Bartenders take your event to a whole new level. Not only do they make you feel relaxed and throw the party without any hassle, but they also serve the guests excellent shots of cocktails.  However, it is hard to find good bartenders these days.

If you are looking for top-notch bartenders in the UK but can not find a getaway, this write-up is exclusively for you. Continue with the lines and know about the shortage of bartenders, why these problems arise, and how we can cope with them. You will surely land an appropriate solution!

COVID-19 and its Impact on Bartending Business

Covid-19, the pandemic that has rendered many established businesses and growing enterprises in ultimate loss, is not over yet. Besides other companies, it has also cast a significantly bad impact on bartending business. Bartending needs exposure which makes this job an unreliable fit in the corporate setups of the UK. This is because of the Covid-19 disease that does not allow socialization and free mixing.

When the virus prevailed and took all the continents in its vicinity, native Europeans who were working as bartenders in the UK went back to their hometowns. To sustain their livelihood, they, most probably, started doing office-based or home-based jobs there. They can’t return on short notice. International proceedings take time, and there are formalities like documentation and Visa, etc. Currently, this is the reality we are left with, and we have to accept it.

The fact remains undeniable that the business of bars can not be paused in this regard. Also, it is not worth it because some people who worked as bartenders might not prefer to continue this job anymore due to more exposure and potential health risks. This condition could be better understood keeping in view the whole scenario of the CoronaVirus.

The Need for Trustworthy Bartenders

Since European bartenders left the continent and are not available to perform their jobs, it has caused a major gap between supply and demand in this industry. Event companies and bar owners are looking for trustworthy and professional bartender hire services to help their businesses get back to a faster pace like before. It is not desirable to throw a party or host an event without hiring a bartender. For obvious reasons, it would tremendously reduce the efficiency of the entire proceeding.

Price of Hiring Bartenders in the UK

The major lag between the increasing demand of bartenders and the reduced population of service providers has significantly increased the wages of this profession. Generally, a normal bartender charges £50 per hour in London. Bars are willing to pay more to boost their business and make up for the loss that occurred during the lockdown. Not everyone can afford to pay big bucks to hire a bartender for his corporate event, house party, or celebration.

To combat the high prices of bartenders, spin and shake is the best solution for event companies, bars, and netizens of London. It caters to all kinds of events with its luxury-grade and professional bartenders well-versed with their job duties. The prices are reasonable and affordable for everyone. The problem of the availability of bartenders is also solved. Moreover, no matter what kind of event or party you will conduct, these bartenders can cover the drinks part perfectly.

Perks of Hiring a Bartender

Spin and shake provide an effective solution for you if you have to meet rigid deadlines. You just have to plan your event and make a call or email with the service providers. After you are done with these simple steps, get ready to enjoy world-class cocktails served by high-profile bartenders at pocket-friendly rates.

The best part is that your guests won’t resist these drinks, and they will be convinced with your level one party. The bartenders know exactly how to entertain guests in the best possible way through their behavior and delicious drinks. They also keep the event organized and hassle-free while managing different things like preparing drinks, serving guests, and managing crockery.

If you are not familiar with mobile bartending services yet, it’s a major hit. You will be surprised to know that you can conduct your event in a park, on the beach, or at any outdoor place and call the bartending service over to serve you with the best shots anytime, anywhere, without any mess.

Expert bartenders master a wide range of cocktail drink recipes. Therefore, you can ask them for personalized drinks to suit the taste of your guests. Your guests would leave appreciating your arrangements and the quality of the whole event because bartenders are perfect at spin and shake.

The Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has affected the business of corporate events and bars, but possible solutions are always there. In this case, Spin and shake serves as the best fit for providing bartending services to everyone in London.

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