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Europe’s video games industry welcomes Danish Gambling Autority decision to block illegal skin-betting websites – European Gaming Industry News

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ISFE, the association representing the European video games industry, welcomes the recent decision by the Danish Gambling Authority to request that telecoms companies block 15 illegal skin-betting websites in Denmark.

ISFE CEO Simon Little said: “We call on gambling authorities across Europe to follow the example of the Danish Gambling authority to further support efforts to stop illegal practices such as “skin-betting” where third party gambling sites allow consumers to bet and trade on virtual items.  Video games businesses do not allow, facilitate, or condone the conversion of virtual items or currencies  into money or the use of them outside the game such as within unlicensed third-party gambling sites”.

The video games sector takes its responsibility to consumers, and particularly to children, very seriously and is currently funding education campaigns around Europe  to inform parents about responsible game play and the dangers of skin-betting and unauthorised trading of virtual goods with third parties so that parents can have informed discussions with their children and encourage enjoyable and appropriate gaming.”

Importantly, every platform on which children can play video games has parental control tools installed, allowing parents to ensure their children play games safely, sensibly and responsibly. These tools allow parents to make choices about the way their children enjoy games, including the ability to block spending or set spending limits, to control the amount of time spent on games and online generally, and to manage the sharing of information with other players. Activating such tools also allows parents to ensure their child does not engage in any illegal activity online


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