Europe vaccine passport 'will not be necessary' for Britons but UK urged to follow suit

“In order to simplify the verification of these events, I would fully support the notion of airline travel passes.

“These passes will provide much-needed validation of whether travellers have had COVID-19 tests and/or vaccines and may provide a long-term solution to safely opening our borders.

“The biggest hurdle now is one of confidence, as both Governments and travellers must have complete faith in the accuracy of tests to allow them to enter foreign countries.

“We believe the use of PCR testing should be used in conjunction with vaccine passports in order to reopen the travel sector and the wider economy.”

Ian Robinson, CEO of Air4Casts added: “In July of last year leisure travel from the UK to the major holiday destinations of the EU rocketed: up by a factor of fifteen in June.

“In July bookings doubled bringing visitor numbers back to some 25 percent of the 2019 peak. This sort of increase is the minimum which could be expected from a Europe-wide vaccination passport scheme.

“The consumer demand is there, all that is required is that governments should agree.”


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