EU releases brutal graphic which shows full extent of how Brexit will affect UK

The EU has released a brutal graphic showing the impact Brexit will have on people in the UK.

The document shows that as non-members, people from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland will face border checks and roaming charges in mainland Europe from January 1.

UK citizens will also require a visa for visits of more than 90 days, and will no longer benefit from “frictionless trade”, the graphic points out.

By comparison, a string of green ticks show the benefits of EU membership for those living in member states.

It was among a raft of documents released by the European Commission after a new post-Brexit trade agreement was announced.

The European Commission today released a list comparing the rights of people in member states with those in the UK

Critics have said it highlights the flaws in leaving the EU

It also pointed out that the UK will no longer be part of EU programmes including the student exchange initiative Erasmus.

Critics have branded losing out on Erasmus “an act of cultural vandalism”.

Lord Adonis, vice-chairman of the European Movement, shared the graphic on Twitter, writing: “This is how bad the deal is for Britain.”

Boris Johnson today gleefully announced that the UK has “taken back control of our laws”.

Labour leader Keir Starmer says his party will vote for the Brexit deal – but said: “It is not the deal that the government promised – far from it.”

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Boris Johnson gleefully claimed the Brexit deal was a good outcome

He branded the agreement “thin” and said a better deal could have been negotiated – but added: “The choice is no deal or this deal”.

Earlier today The Mirror summarised some of the key changes you will experience from January 1.

For full details click on our story here, but here are 13 key things that will be different:

  • 1. You no longer have the right to live and work in the EU
  • 2. UK citizens may be blocked from EU travel due to coronavirus
  • 3. You must renew your passport six months early – and pay to visit the EU from 2022
  • 4. You could face huge disruption on roads and at ports
  • 5. If you run a business, there’s a lot of new paperwork
  • 6. And if you’re a firm trading with Belfast, you face new rules
  • 7. You must do more before taking a pet on holiday – even guide dogs
  • 8. Your automatic health insurance will end
  • 9. You may be hit by mobile phone roaming charges on holiday
  • 10. You need a special permit to drive your car in the EU
  • 11. You might be blocked from your favourite streaming sites on holiday
  • 12. Package holiday bookers will get less legal protection
  • 13. You might not be able to take a ham sandwich with you on holiday

Labour leader Keir Starmer blasted the agreement – but said his party had no choice but to vote for it

Speaking at a press conference minutes after the deal was announced, European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen said: “It is time to leave Brexit behind.

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“Our future is made in Europe.”

The expected deal comes with just days left before the current trading arrangements expire on December 31, with MPs set to vote a day earlier.


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