Estee Lauder’s great-granddaughter Danielle on skin care, self care and her debut make-up range

As far as lineages go, there are few more renowned in beauty than the Lauder’s. 

Estée Lauder established her makeup business in 1946 when she and her husband Joseph began producing beauty products in New York City.

The cosmetics conglomerate now owns 32 brands across the world, including La Mer, Clinique and Jo Malone London, to name just a few.

Now 74 years after its inception, the juggernaut has another brand to add to its bow, this time one founded by Lauder’s own flesh and blood.

25-year-old Danielle Lauder is Estée’s great-granddaughter and has launched her own seven-piece make-up line named ACT IV, a nod to her passions of beauty and acting. 

Danielle Lauder has entered the family business. (Estee Lauder)

“Every member of my family has taught me the importance of story telling when it comes to creating your beauty identity – wear makeup and use products that make you feel like you are telling your own story – being the star of your own life,” Lauder tells The Standard

She was inspired to create the collection while studying theatre and film at Northwestern University. When she moved to LA post-graduation to carve out a career for herself, Lauder became enamoured with the style and glamour of Old Hollywood’s stars of Veronica Lake and Brigitte Bardot, and thus the idea for Act IV was born.

Despite her father being the executive chairman of the board of directors of the Estée Lauder Cos. Inc., Lauder was made to go through the same steps as any other product developer, which included presenting her brand to the heads of the company for their approval. 

Her debut seven-piece collection includes a blurring primer, a pearlescent highlighter and a filtered powder, alongside lip products and eye palettes, all housed in marbleised magnetic packaging.

“I was inspired to create a makeup collection around the concept of looking beautiful in any light, while illustrating my love of Hollywood glamour,” she explains. 

Act IV’s seven-piece collection  (Estee Lauder)

Lauder said working on the collection made her feel closer to her great-grandmother, who died when she was a young child.

“Growing up around such incredible eyes and minds for beauty gave me great insight into what consumers want,” she says. “My passion has developed over the years while learning about product and about the business my great-grandmother created.”

Her grandmother, Evelyn Lauder, was also a great source of inspiration.

“She taught me the importance self-care, skincare and sunscreen. When I was little, she would always make me drink an entire bottle of water and lather me up with sunscreen all over my body before I left the house!”

If the collection is popular, a second is a veritable possibility. “Estée knew exactly what women wanted and everything she did was to make women feel beautiful,” Lauder offers. 

Quite the business idol to have. 

Act IV’s prices range from £34- £64 and are available to buy here.


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