ES Tests: Young LDN’s Halloween pumpkin facial

It’s autumn, which means you can’t walk down the road in London without tripping over a pumpkin. 

Whilst you can’t fault the health benefits of the humble vegetable, thanks to the presence of beta-carotene and vitamin A, what is less explored are the pros of using pumpkin topically – on your face. 

Cool millennial-focused West London salon Young LDN is taking the pumpkin out of your kitchen and upgrading it to skincare level thanks to its seasonal Pumpkin Facial. The combination of vitamin C and A are said to boost collagen production, whilst the presence of zinc is known for its acne healing abilities. 

We went along to Young LDN to get pumpkin-pretty. 

The Treatment

I’m greeted at Young LDN and offered a delicious chilli and ginger tea, before taken downstairs to the inviting treatment rooms. After settling in, the therapist, Bianka, gets to work with the treatment.

There are two versions of the pumpkin facial treatment: pumpkin pie and pumpkin spice. Both versions start with a cleanse to remove any embedded London grime. Then the exfoliating pumpkin scrub is applied. The scrub contains jojoba beads which combine with enzymes to gently remove dull surface cells to reveal a brighter glow. The scrub does smell faintly sweet, so if you’re not a fan of pumpkin then this probably isn’t the facial for you. 

Young LDN in Westbourne Grove is offering a new pumpkin facial (Young LDN)

This is worked into the skin using icy Cryo Balls. These are frozen for 24 hours prior to use and then the stainless steel balls are rolled over your face. It’s an interesting sensation, and helps to work the scrub deep into your skin to deliver the antioxidant benefits of vitamin C.  

For the pumpkin pie facial, a hydrating whipped mask is used following the scrub. This marshmallow whip mask contains hyaluronic acid so it is extremely hydrating.

If you opt for pumpkin spice, then you will be treated to a pumpkin enzyme exfoliation. This chemical exfoliant features hibiscus flower, as well as pumpkin, to stimulate and tone skin, and isn’t recommended for extremely sensitive skin types. I have fairly sensitive skin and did experience some mild tingling around my nose, but that was all. 

Following the exfoliation, jade stones are then brushed along your chin and cheekbones, to help the skin release tensions and toxins and stimulate the lymph nodes. The practice comes from Chinese medicine and also reportedly has anti-ageing benefits, something Young LDN likes to focus on. 

The Results

What with the chemical exfoliant and icy Cyro balls, this was one of the most scientific facials I’ve had in recent months. I have some slight dryness around my cheeks the day after following the peel, but overall my skin certainly feels brighter – no mean feat when the dark winter nights start drawing in making everything around you seem duller. 

Best for… 

Anyone looking for a vitamin C infusion to boost their skin as well as those in the mood to celebrate the beloved pumpkin in more ways than one. 


The Pumpkin facial is available at Young LDN in Westbourne Grove now and during Thanksgiving. 

The facial is £80 for 45 minutes.


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