Enola Holmes review: Maddening plot almost saved by remarkable Millie Bobby Brown and co

Mycroft star Sam Claflin is similarly good – with a notably violent scene in the carriage as a standout for the actor.

While Helena Bonham Carter doesn’t appear in the film for too long, Louis Partridge is enjoyable to watch as he feels his way around screen. He is, however, engulfed by the aforementioned Bobby Brown.

Enola Holmes has an incredible foundation. The fantastic background of the books obviously has some merit to it, and the cast is full to the brim with fantastic actors, all of whom put their best foot forward during the latest Netflix family romp. Unfortunately, the plot is absolutely maddening. It twists and turns to no end and will most likely leave a bad taste in viewers’ mouths. Thankfully, the cast save as much as they can, with Cavill, Claflin, and Bobby Brown taking on some exceptional performances throughout the two hour flick.

Enola Holmes is available on Netflix now.


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