English Bulldog named Thor crowned America’s best dog at prestigious show

Thor the dog was crowned Best in Show at the National Dog Show in Philadelphia on Thursday (Picture: Getty)

An English Bulldog named Thor has been crowned America’s best dog at the National Dog Show.

Thor, a two year-old male who weighs 60 pounds, won the coveted title at the event in Philadelphia on Thanksgiving Day.

The bulldog was born in Peru, and now lives in Houston, Texas, with owner Kara Gordon.

He fought off six other competitors including an Old English Sheepdog, Golden Retriever, Siberian Husky and Pharaoh Hound to snatch the title, and was up against a wide variety of other breeds.

Thor’s handler Eduardo Paris said: ‘Thor is an active and sweet dog and very athletic.

Thor’s handler Eduardo Paris reacts with delight as his dog wins Best in Show at the popular event (Picture: Getty)
Thor takes a victory walk after winning the prestigious title. He fought off competition from six other dogs to be crowned best in show (Picture: Getty)

‘You should see how high he can jump. He loves to play with his kennel-mate Chihuahuas, and he has beautiful construction.

‘I think that’s why he won.

Speaking to NBC News, Paris added: ‘Well he’s a very complete dog.

‘He moves like a dream, and the outline is beautiful.

‘I love this dog. ‘

Thor was described as ‘sweet and very athletic’ by his handler Eduardo Paris (Picture: Getty Images)
Thor chows down on a snack at the show. Despite his short stature, the award-winning bulldog can jump surprisingly high (Picture: Getty)
Thor’s victory now makes him one of the favorites to win the Westminster Kennel Dog Club Show in New York next February (Picture: Getty)
The National Dog Show has become a Thanksgiving tradition, with 18 million tuning in to watch yesterday’s contest right after the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade (Picture: Getty)

Thor’s success means he is now considered a favorite to win the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

It will be held at New York City’s Madison Square Garden in February 2020.

The National Dog Show has become an American Thanksgiving tradition.

Around 18 million tuned in to watch yesterday’s broadcast, screened right after the screening of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in New York.


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