Energy bills through the roof? Same, here are 6 really simple but effective hacks to save energy (and money)

Money, eh? Just as we were getting to grips with how to hold onto ours (apparently we don’t neeeed new Vejas), the cost of living crisis (hello, extortionate energy bills and daylight robbery at the petrol pumps) lands on our doorstep and we’re left feeling right back at square one: aka, feeling stressed about our finances. 

And one of the biggest impacts on our earnings? Our energy bills. Energy prices have risen by an unprecedented 36% a year and are likely to keep going up. In fact, scarily, according to recent research, a typical yearly energy bill could amount to up to £3,850 by January 2023. Gulp. 

So when all totted up, together with our rent, travel costs, student loan repayments and, ya know, daily essentials like actually eating, suddenly our steady income seems like little more than a drop in the ocean. But we’re not here to scaremonger, we’re here to help provide practical solutions, and while we can’t wave our magic wand and make everything cheaper again, we can pick the brains of the best experts the UK has to offer to help us manage our finances – and our monthly spend – in a more cost-effective way.

So, we sat down with Kevin Mountford, co-founder and savings expert at Raisin UK, to get his most effective, and crucially, simple, tips on how consumers can save on energy. Copy and paste these into your notes, stick them on your mirror, write them on cue cards, whatever you need to do to ensure you keep as many of your hard-earned pennies for yourself this year. 

6 really simple but really effective hacks to save energy (and money)

1. Buy energy efficient appliances

It’s super important that you do your research when buying washing machines, dishwashers and fridges. Those rated A to G for energy efficiency are what you need to look out for, with A being the most efficient.

The least efficient appliances can actually add £490 a year to your energy bills, but choosing an efficient A grade could cut this down to just £154.

2. Don’t leave electrical items on standby

Whilst you obviously need to leave your fridge plugged in, there are some appliances you can turn off.

When your electrical devices are on standby they go into a type of sleep. They’re not actually turned off but are powered down into an energy-saving mode. However, this still uses energy. Leaving TV, computers and other electrical items on standby can add up to £86 to your annual electricity bill.

3. Unplug your phone after charging

If your phone is fully charged and you keep your phone plugged in, you will be using more energy than necessary, and it will continue to use the same amount of electricity whether the battery is full or not.

The same goes for all rechargeable devices, so once the battery hits 100%, it’s time to unplug.

4. Swap to an aerated shower head

It’s a known fact that showers are more energy efficient than baths, but did you know that changing your shower to a water-saving shower head could save you money. 


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