End of the world: Preacher claims asteroid before 'apocalyptic' US election is prophetic

TV evangelist an online personality Paul Begley has hailed the safe flyby of a tiny an event of biblical significance. The asteroid in question, dubbed 2018 VP1, , the night before the US presidential election. And although the 6.5ft-wide asteroid has a negligible chance of hitting the planet – 0.41 percent – Pastor Begley has been stoking fears of Christian doomsday unfolding.

He said: “Asteroid coming our way the night before the presidential election. This is truly an apocalyptic election.”

Pastor Begley is a frequent purveyor of doomsday hoaxes and , strenuously linking modern-day events to passages in the .

The firebrand preacher from West Lafayette in Indiana, US, hosts The Coming Apocalypse on some US TV channels.

The show’s tagline is: “Welcome to The Coming Apocalypse. Evangelist and pastor Paul Begley will take you on a journey into the end times prophecy.”

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NASA said: “Small asteroids a few meters in size are detected passing between Earth and the Moon’s orbit several times a month.

“Meteoroids – very small fragments of asteroids and comets less than three feet (one meter) in size – hit Earth’s atmosphere and explode virtually every day, causing the bright meteor events that people see at night and sometimes leave remnants – meteorites – on the ground.”

From a biblical perspective, there is also no reason to believe prophecy will unfold on any specific date.

Jesus said in Matthew 24: “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”


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