Emmerdale's Ellis Chapman return plot exposed by fans in 'sleazy' Al Chapman twist

Emmerdale’s Ellis Chapman s returning to the dales in upcoming scenes, with a brand new actor.

Al Chapman was spotted on the phone to his son, encouraging him to return to the village with some money in tow.

One said: “This the reintroduction of Ellis new actor then!”

A second added: “That Al is a real sleazeball.”

Emmerdale’s official Twitter added: “Al offers Ellis an ‘opportunity’… but does he have an ulterior motive?”

Dawn seemed concerned after catching the tail end of the phone call, as she told Billy: “I heard him on the phone to Ellis… he asked him to invest?”

Billy asked: “So he’s trying to scam money off his son?”

Dawn replied: “I reckon you’re right to be suspicious of him.”

Emmerdale airs on weekdays at 7pm on ITV.


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