Emmerdale theory: Murder rocks the village as Moira Barton claims her second victim

The soap star explained: “She doesn’t want anyone to know that she knew Holly, and she becomes really scared and worried.

“Not that her cover has been blown as she’s not trying to hide anything, but she doesn’t realise the connections and now that she does, she’s scared that people are going to blame her for things

“I love working with Natalie, so I’m quite excited to do those scenes [when Moira finds out] because they are going to be quite tense, probably lots of shouting from Natalie to me.

“Moira’s not a character you’d want to go up against, but I think Suzy would hold her own a little bit to a certain extent.

“Or she’ll try, but obviously she is riddled with guilt as well. I don’t know how it will pan out, but I think it will be really good,” she told Digital Spy.


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