Emmerdale spoilers next week – Graham’s killer Pierce makes another move as Rhona plots to prove Kim murdered him

AS Graham’s real killer Pierce continues to avoid suspicion, the shockwaves following the grisly murder are felt across the Yorkshire Dales.

Rhona turns detective and is convinced Kim is the culprit and Marlon’s decision to keep April away from the prison has disastrous repercussions. Here’s what’s happening in Emmerdale next week…

 Marlon refuses to let April visit him in prison


Marlon refuses to let April visit him in prison

1. Marlon bans April from prison

April insists she wants to visit her Dad in prison, but Cain lies and tells her children aren’t allowed.

Cain later asks Marlon if he’ll change his mind about keeping his daughter away – but Marlon is adamant he’ll get too upset if he sees April.

 A tactless Pollard upsets April


A tactless Pollard upsets AprilCredit: ITV

2. Pollard causes April to go missing

Pollard lets slip to April that Bob and Mandy have been lying to her about kids not being allowed at the prison.

Distraught over the deception – April goes missing.

Police and villagers go on a search and news of the disappearance reaches Marlon who loses it with a prison guard as he begs for answers.

 Marlon is angry at himself


Marlon is angry at himselfCredit: ITV Press Handout

3. Marlon struggles with the deception

Marlon blames himself for April going missing as the search for her widens.

Sam and Bob later do a thorough search of Hotten Road and find a bedraggled April, but when she sees them she tries to run away again.

 Rhona gives the police a run for their money


Rhona gives the police a run for their moneyCredit: ITV Press Handout

4. Rhona turns detective

Rhona is convinced that Kim is Graham’s killer and goes out to look for clues to prove her theory.

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Al catches her and she reveals her suspicions – but Al later tells Kim what Rhona is up to and Kim vows to tackle the situation head on.

 Pierce is going nowhere


Pierce is going nowhereCredit: ITV

5. Pierce makes a move

Graham’s real killer Pierce looks for ways to stick around.

At his flat he continues to make plans and tells his room mate that he’ll find a job soon. The next day, Pierce heads to Home Farm…

 The news of Sandy dying rattles Arthur


The news of Sandy dying rattles Arthur

6. Sad death shakes Arthur

In a storyline written in following the real-life death of actor Freddie Jones, Laurel gets an upsetting call to let her know Sandy has died.

Arthur takes the news badly and runs off to Ashley’s grave and is convinced God is punishing him for his recent lies.

 Arthur makes a huge confession


Arthur makes a huge confession

7. Arthur confesses all

An upset Arthur decides to finally reveal that he’s the one hurting Archie.

Laurel is shocked and grapples with her conscience over the false allegations made against Jimmy last year.

Jimmy arrives back, but Jai makes a surprise early return from rehab – so Laurel and Arthur struggle to come clean.

 Victoria builds bridges with Wendy


Victoria builds bridges with Wendy

8. Victoria offers kind gesture

Victoria reaches out to Wendy and lets her see Harry for the first time.

The family continue to build bridges as Victoria tells Luke she is happy for him to apply for the chef’s job at the pub.

The next day Luke offers to look after Harry.

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 Does Jamie have feelings for Belle now hes single?


Does Jamie have feelings for Belle now hes single?Credit: ITV

9. Jamie shows feelings for Belle

Jamie reveals his true feelings for Belle as he seems jealous when he spots Belle inviting Ellis to join her on a spa day.

We have been teased with a possible chemistry between the pair and it looks like Jamie is wasting no time in his newly single status.

 David fears his son Theo will be taken from him


David fears his son Theo will be taken from himCredit: ITV

10. David fears his son will be taken away

David is worried that it’s only a matter of time before his newborn son Theo is taken away from him.

Leyla and Liam team up to try and cheer him up.

 Will Pete announce his departure from the Yorkshire Dales?


Will Pete announce his departure from the Yorkshire Dales?

11. Pete shares big decision

As things hot up between Nate and Tracy, Pete is left feeling awkward when Tracy asks him to leave so they can be alone.

With an exit storyline already confirmed for Pete – he shares a big decision with the lovebirds…


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