Emmerdale spoilers: Harriet and Malone’s affair exposed by Dawn Taylor

DAWN Taylor discovers Harriet and Malone’s affair next week in Emmerdale and threatens to expose everything to Will Taylor. 

Viewers of the ITV soap were disgusted when Harriet accepted Will’s proposal while still cheating on him with Malone earlier this year. 

Dawn discovers Harriet and Malone's affair


Dawn discovers Harriet and Malone’s affair

Harriet was quickly plagued by her guilty conscience and tried to call things off with Malone a number of times, but kept submitting to temptation.

And Harriet showed she still has a soft spot for the detective last month as she agreed to hide him in the church after he was injured in a brutal showdown with love rival Will Taylor.

Episodes this week will see Malone complicate matters further when he declares his love for the vicar

Dawn orders Harriet to tell Will the truth before she does


Dawn orders Harriet to tell Will the truth before she does

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Harriet head off to perform a funeral service but get stopped in her tracks by Malone. 

A desperate Malone pressures her to make a decision between him and Will. 

The following day, Harriet comes up with an excuse to get Will and Dawn to leave, but in the process arouses Dawn’s suspicions. 

Harriet feels torn over what to do


Harriet feels torn over what to do

Sure enough, it’s not long before Dawn bursts in as she’s at it with Malone.

Dawn is horrified by Harriet’s cheating ways and orders her to tell Will everything – or she will. 

Emmerdale shock as Will finds proof of Harriet and Malone’s affair

Harriet’s shaken and torn over what to do. 

Will Dawn expose Harriet’s affair to Will?

Or might Harriet come clean?


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