Emmerdale viewers learned who actually killed Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) on tonight’s episode – the dreaded Pierce Harris.

It all kicked off when Graham tracked down Rhona Goskirk’s vile rapist Pierce (Jonathan Wrather), urging him to leave her alone.

After beating Pierce to a pulp, Pierce eventually tracked him down in the woods, and the two got caught up in a tense fistfight.

Having knocked Pierce out, Graham staggered off into the night but was hit by Jamie Tate’s car as he drove down the forest path.

Once Pierce found him, he smacked him across the head with a torch, leaving him for dead in the woods.

Hearing someone coming, he raced to hide behind a tree, as the mysterious strange approached.

In a terrifying montage, the faces of the other villagers flashed before him, from Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) to Andrea (Anna Nightingale) and Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln).

It seemed as though the others witnessed Graham’s dead body lying in the ditch, but did nothing to help resuscitate him – wanting him dead themselves.

Emmerdale villain Pierce eventually headed to Rhona’s (Zoe Henry) house to watch her chat with Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock), growing increasingly worried about Graham’s whereabouts.

The camera then panned to Graham’s dead body lying in the woods, his face pale and waxy in the night.

Pierce spied on Marlon and Rhona’s conversation

Certain eagle-eyed viewers thought they saw flakes of snow falling on Graham, as his body sank into the ground.

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Taking to Twitter, they blasted the weather in the final scene, suggesting it had spoilt the complicated finale for Graham’s character.

One said: “Totally confused and now it’s b****y snowing. Talk about stringing out a story.”

Viewers thought they spotted snow in the final scene tonight

A second added: “Snow in Emmerdale but nowhere else.”

And a third remarked: “Snow???

While a fourth chipped in: “And it’s snowing? Are you having a laugh.”

Emmerdale airs on weekdays at 7pm on ITV.



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