Emily Atack knocked back by Roman Kemp for saying she wants to w*** off his dad

Roman Kemp was quick to explain himself during Thursday’s season premiere of Celebrity Juice when team captain Emily Atack accused him of not fancying her.

The Capital FM DJ, 28, said he refused to date Emily, 31, because the last time he appeared on the show she suggested she’d like to “w*** off” his dad.

Roman’s famous dad is the actor and Spandau Ballet star Martin Kemp, with the father-son duo regularly making TV appearances together.

On the show, Keith Lemon decided to play matchmaker, wondering whether Roman and Emily, who are both single, should get romantically involved.

“What about you two… you two look good together,” he mused.

Emily Atack accused Roman Kemp of "not fancying" her during Thursday's episode of Celebrity Juice
Emily Atack accused Roman Kemp of “not fancying” her during Thursday’s episode of Celebrity Juice

Loose Women star Judi Love, who was their third teammate, agreed the pair looked good together, leading Emily to insist nothing could ever happen.

Emily said: “Roman does not fancy me and I’ll tell you why I know this – because he calls me ‘mate’ when he says hello to me.”

“I say that to everyone,” Roman argued, only for Emily to claim: “My heart breaks every time.”

However, Roman was quick to one-up Emily, explaining his real reason to turn her down for a potential date.

“Maybe more to the fact that last time I came on here you said that you want to w*** off my dad. Might be that. I don’t know but it might be that,” he replied.

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Roman Kemp brought up his most recent appearance on Celeb Juice as a defense
Roman Kemp brought up his most recent appearance on Celeb Juice as a defense

Thankfully, Emily took the comment in good humour and held her face in her hands as the studio burst out laughing.

Martin’s name came up later in the episode when Roman recalled a conversation he’d shared with his famous dad during the lockdown.

“The other day we did have a full-on conversation about how far his balls have sagged so that I know what to expect when I’m older,” he admitted.

Emily was the first to react, as she exclaimed: “Wholesome catch-ups with daddy!”

Emily held her head in her hands in embarrassment over Roman's comments
Emily held her head in her hands in embarrassment over Roman’s comments

Moments later, Keith challenged Roman to look at edited pictures of penises without laughing, saying: “If you can keep a straight face when you see these penises then you’ll get a point.”

One penis wore a sombrero, another was smoking a cigar, while a third picture showed Made In Chelsea star Jamie Laing with a photoshopped micropenis.

While the first two didn’t faze Roman, he struggled to keep a straight face and eventually crumbled when he laid eyes on the doctored pic of Jamie.

Celebrity Juice returns next Thursday at 10pm on ITV2.


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