Elvis: Girlfriend Linda Thompson 'Why I forgave incredible Elvis every time he cheated'

Linda adds: ‘I bought it, hook line and sinker because I was a young, naive, blindly in love girl. So would just always forgive him, always go back to him… In fact I never left him, never left Graceland. In fact, I never moved out until the December of 1976, right before he died in 1977.

“But anyway, he was the kind of person that you would allow for transgressions and try to understand them. Let’s face it, he was Elvis Presley and he’d had an extraordinarily complex life, being catapulted into worldwide fame from abject poverty. His life had been a trajectory of a rocketing star..

“So I had to try to understand his personality and his psyche and I was willing to do that… until I wasn’t.”


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