Elementary was renewed for season 7 by CBS back in May, 2018, which was surprising. Why? Well, even though the CBS Sherlock Holmes show features a brilliant core cast in Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu, and one of the most enduring characters in all of popular fiction, the show’s ratings have never really been up to the level of a lot of the other shows CBS airs.

But Elementary is a consistent earner for CBS, especially overseas. It’s also old-fashioned in that the network owns the series itself, which makes it extra profitable. So its ratings only tell half the story.

But even that can’t prevent the inevitable. Elementary season 7 will be its last.

“A lot of parties came together and talked about their positions on the show — both in terms of business and in terms of creative — and we all decided that this was an opportune time to say goodbye to a show that has been very, very good to us,” CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl said in a statement via Deadline.

“Rob set out to tell a story, and it feels like he has accomplished what he had set out to do,” added executive producer Carl Beverly. “The actors, the crew and the cast feel that way, and we feel that. So are grateful and celebrating what we had and looking forward to the future.”

It will be missed.

Elementary season 7 UK trailer

Elementary season 7 UK release date

Sky Witness will begin airing season 7 on Tuesday July 16th at 9pm.

Elementary season 7 episodes

Elementary season 7 is a shorter run, with only 13 episodes.

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Elementary Season 7 plot

Executive producer Rob Doherty promised that there would be a true finale to the series. And that there would also be a time jump of some kind.

“Something that I knew I wanted to do was move forward in time a bit with the characters by the very end.” Doherty said. “There was a period when Sherlock and Watson were not together; they went down very different paths, and their lives were very different from having been apart. We felt that would be appropriate for our show. A lot was season 7 working towards that: How can we tell a larger story that would allow us to devise a finale that sets in not-so-distant future?”

Elementary season 7 also introduces a classic Sherlock Holmes villain, Odin Reichenbach (James Frain), in the fifth episode.



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