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Eleanor Tomlinson: Poldark’s Demelza talks ‘showdown’ – ‘Ross will never be tamed!’

Eleanor Tomlinson has given Poldark viewers an insight into how Demelza and Ross’ relationship will end on-screen at the end of season five. The actress has said her on-screen spouse, played by Aidan Turner, will “never be tamed”, hinting that there will be more conflict to come. Last week’s episode saw the Poldarks return to Cornwall from London, where Ross fought to clear Ned Despard’s (Vincent Regan) name while Dr Enys (Luke Norris) was in court defending the man who attempted to assassinate the King. However, things will take a dramatic turn this week with a mine collapse, leaving some of the aforementioned characters in danger.

Speaking to this week’s TV Times, both Eleanor and Caroline Enys star Gabriella Wilde, 30, spoke of their TV romances.

The former commented: “We see lots of turmoil again because it’s Ross and Demelza. But we also see them growing up a bit and working as a team and Ross having to realise the importance of honesty.

“But Ross will never be tamed and there are lots of storylines where their relationship is tested.”

She continued: “Demelza actually has a bit of a showdown herself later in the series and saves his little tush, so I’m looking forward to the viewers seeing that!”

Gabriella meanwhile said Caroline and Dwight are “tested again” after the death of their baby daughter, Sarah.

She went on: “It’s not as it was before and that still hangs in the air. Their relationship is fragile from what they’ve been through and they’re trying to make their way back to each other without really knowing how to.

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“There are still a lot of wounds there that aren’t healed. Having said that, there’s a nice ending for them!”

The small screen favourites also discussed the period drama coming to end, with just six, hour-long instalments to go.

When asked if she was feeling emotional about it being the last ever run, Eleanor stated: “Absolutely! I’m really going to miss the cast and crew. I’m really going to miss Aidan, too – we have a brilliant bond and it’s going to be very strange not going to work with him.

“If I can say one thing about Poldark, it’s that we’ve become such a family. It’s changed my life.”

She added: “When you’re lucky enough to play a character like Demelza, you carry it with you for ever. There will always be a bit of Demelza with me in every role that I do.

Eleanor even said she is also going to remain a redhead, after dying her blonde hair for the role.

Gabriella also revealed: “I’ve had a bit of a mad time on this, what with being pregnant in the first series, which was so tiring!

“So it’s not been easy, but I’ve been very lucky that I have been able to have my son on set with me.”

Read the full interview in this week’s TV Times – out now.

Poldark continues tonight at 9pm on BBC One.


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