Effective SEO Tips For Recruiters

Effective SEO Tips For Recruiters

Matching a candidate with the right role and organisation is a difficult task that recruiters pride themselves on getting right. The internet makes finding candidates an easy task if the right tools are utilised, Hanover share some SEO tips to attract the best talent.

1. Do The keyword Research & Optimize Your Website

Begin your SEO journey with effective keyword research. Find the key phrases that are related to the services and jobs you offer. Make sure you know how competitive those keywords are and whether people are actually searching for them. If nobody is searching for those keywords, there is no point in targeting them even if they are relevant to your business. Once you have a list of the main key phrases related to your business, you should use them in your website content. Be smart when using these keywords and don’t stuff your content with them. If you stuff your content with keywords, it won’t help your business. In fact, Google will penalize your site for doing so.

2. Update The Website With Fresh And Unique Content Regularly

Google loves websites that are regularly updated with unique and fresh content. Posting current job offers is one of the best ways to update your website with fresh content. It will help your site rank better for job titles and industries you have. Write quality articles with the targeted key phrases. This is another effective method of keeping your site fresh. It will help attract new users to the site and keep them active for longer periods on your site.

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3. Define Your Journey

Each website should have a clear definition of the user journey. This is important for visitors to navigate the website without getting lost. Many webmasters don’t understand the importance of this process or aren’t aware of its importance. Ask yourself the following question to determine the user journey for your website: “what do I expect a web user to do once he or she arrives at my site?” What pages should he or she visit before they convert? How will those pages lead to conversions and affect your final conversion rates? Is the call to action button clear and in the right place? These are important things to consider when defining the user journey of your web visitor.

4. Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Google favors mobile-friendly websites. On the other hand, more than 50% of users visit your site from a smartphone. If your career site isn’t responsive to mobile devices, you will be losing a lot of traffic and profits in the process. For example, if the images on your site are not optimized for mobile devices, your site won’t look attractive to the potential user. On the other hand, if the fonts of your site are too small or the call to action button isn’t finger-tap friendly, Google will punish your site by lowering its rankings and not indexing your site for mobile search. 

5. Be Active On Social Media

Social media engagement helps you to attract new candidates to your job site and boost brand awareness in the process. Make sure you research and see which networks are best for your business. Find the networks that bring you visitors who will be more eager to apply for a job. Include job titles, locations, and hashtags for the process to work better. You may also consider investing in a Pay-Per-Click or PPC campaign to get more followers.

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