Ed Sheeran picked Lewis Capaldi's new Glasgow home and sent him unusual gift

Lewis Capaldi had to hire a forklift to move a giant dinosaur pal Ed Sheeran sent him as a housewarming present.

The Shape of You singer revealed he wanted to get his hitmaker friend a ‘super annoying’ gift after he moved into his first home.

Speaking to Clyde 1, Ed revealed he had a 7m dinosaur commissioned and shipped in from China.

He said: “When he got his house, I was like I want to send him a house warming present that’s like really annoying, so you know like massive vinyl dinosaurs like the one the ones they have in zoos? Like 7 metre things? I got him one of them made from China and delivered.”

He added: “He had to get a forklift truck to get it off, he had to go into town and rent the forklift truck to get it off – in solidarity I got myself one too so I’ve got the exactly the same dinosaur.”

The 30-year-old singer also revealed he actually picked out Lewis’ new home in South Lanarkshire.

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Ed said Lewis had mentioned he was looking for a new place to live and Ed found the listing on RightMove in 10 minutes.

He added: “Let me tell you something about Capaldi! He goes ‘Oh Ed I’m looking to find a house’, so I was like ‘oh cool’, and I just went on Rightmove and typed in Glasgow within about ten miles and I sent him one, and went ‘how about this?’ and he went – ‘yeah yeah cool!’

Garry says: “What he bought it?”

Ed replies: “Yeah, he’s moved into it!”

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While speaking to Garry and Steven, Ed also asked the pair if they could help him bring back famous Scottish festival T in the Park.

Garry Spence

He said: “Can you get TITP back though? That’s a proper festival. I played there with Snow Patrol. I played there once on my own, there’s nothing like a T ground!”

Garry also asked Ed if there would be Scottish dates on his new tour and Ed said absolutely as he adores Scotland.

He said: “I just love Scotland man. I love Scotland and do you know what I love more, when the England – Scotland game was on, the videos that were being shared about Scots in London.

“If that was English people in Scotland you guys would have been like ‘oh my god what are they doing?’ But because we love you so much we were like ‘Yeah! Love it!’. Just dudes getting out their todgers and whipping them around.”

You can hear Ed’s full interview with Garry on Clyde 1, tomorrow at 4pm.

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