easyJet: Why airline’s HUGE new £90million jet is ‘ultimate flying machine’

EasyJet is the UK’s biggest airline, carrying almost 89 million passengers in 2018. In July last year, the budget airline took delivery on 30 brand new A321neo jets – which became the largest in its fleet. The new plane, which costs £90million to make, is the longest member of the Airbus single-aisle family with 235 economy seats in easyJet’s configuration.

Featuring the widest cabin in the sky, the jet incorporates the latest technologies including new generation engines and specialised wing tips, which together deliver more than 15 percent fuel and CO2 savings from day one and 20 percent by 2020 as well as 50 percent noise reduction. 

To date, the plane has only been used for regular flights on some of the airline’s longer European routes from London Gatwick Airport.

It has also been used for a handful of destinations in Greece.

However, it has already proved popular among easyJet’s pilots, ITV’s “easyJet: Inside The Cockpit” documentary revealed.

The 2019 series detailed: “Every day easyJet carries 200,000 passengers.

“But with more demand and airports full to bursting, easyJet needs bigger planes.

“Seven metres longer than the current Airbus, and with 49 extra seats, the new Airbus A321 could help easyJet carry two million more passengers a year.

“At Gatwick, the team flying the new aircraft today is 26-year-old first officer Jenny Herbert and seasoned captain Simon Mattia.

“This new jet may be the ultimate flying machine.”

Mr Mattia, the pilot in charge, said: “I think everybody loves this plane because it’s big and stable.”

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Before rookie trainee, Ms Herbert joked: “I was told it’s really difficult to have a bad landing in it, but I might have to testify to that.”

It comes after easyJet announced plans to return to Jordan with a winter service to the Red Sea port of Aqaba.

The new route, which started in October last year, departs from Gatwick every Saturday and Tuesday and takes just over five hours.

Aqaba’s attractions include its beaches, snorkelling and scuba diving, plus access to the south of the country, including the famous city of Petra and the desert landscapes of Wadi Rum. 

The desert kingdom emerged out of the divided Middle East after World War One and those that visit are surprised by the historical gems they discover. 

For example, the historical city of Petra has been labelled one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Also known as the Rose City due to the colouring of the stone, the main entrance is a breathtaking sight located at the end of a winding stone corridor that was once home to the ancient Nabatean people in 300BC.

The baptism of Jesus Christ is also said to have taken place in the Jordan river, as described by John the Baptist in the Bible.

As a result, many religious followers find themselves travelling to Jordan and further on to Jerusalem.


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