EastEnders to recast Bobby Beale as murderer RETURNS to Albert Square

Bobby Beale is set to return to EastEnders, but he’s going to look completely different.

The killer teen is set to get released from a young offender’s unit later this year.

To prepare for his return, producers are reportedly now on the hunt for a new actor to play the role.

Bobby’s been played by four actors over the years, most notably Eliot Carrington who took over the role between 2014 and 2017.

A TV source told The Sun: “The production team have always been keen to develop his character and want to find the right actor to take him into adulthood.”

When Bobby murdered his sister Lucy it became one of the biggest storylines in the long-running soap’s history.

During the plot he almost killed his step-mum Jane (Laurie Brett) too, before eventually being carted off to jail.


EASTENDERS: Bobby Beale is returning (Pic: BBC)


JAIL: Bobby is currently serving time for killing his sister (Pic: BBC)

Back in February, Ian got news that Bobby will be released in a matter of months.

After some persuading from Kathy Beale, he decided that Bobby would be best returning to Walford after his stint behind bars.

Meanwhile, during the latest episode of the BBC soap, fans were left baffled by Ben Mitchell’s return.


COMEBACK: The character will return with a new actor playing the role (Pic: BBC)


RETURN: Bobby will be back later this year (Pic: BBC)

The character returned after getting a call from Kathy, and during Tuesday night’s episode he was busy catching up on everything he’d missed.

During a chat with the gang, Louise Mitchell questioned whether Ben and Lexi are an item, despite the fact Ben is a gay man.

He said he was “still a bit gay”, and many viewers rushed to social media to question how Ben could be “a bit” gay.


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