EastEnders’ Natalie Cassidy reveals her heartache as her dad falls ill and ‘won’t be around forever’

EASTENDERS’ Natalie Cassidy shared her heartache after her dad fell ill, bravely opening up about her fear of him “not being around forever”.

The 37-year-old star reflected on her close relationship with her dad Charles in a moving Instagram post earlier today.

Natalie shared this smiling selfie alongside her confessional post


Natalie shared this smiling selfie alongside her confessional post Credit: Instagram

The actress mused that they are particularly close as she tragically lost her mother Evelyn to bowel cancer in 2002 – when she was just 19 years old.

Natalie posted a smiling selfie that was taken in her kitchen to her social media page as she wrote: “Last few days have been a bit of a challenge. Daddy hasn’t been very well, nothing major, but it makes you realise they aren’t going to be around forever.

“Losing mum young means we are so close, in my head I feel he is always going to be this age, living with me and being a bit grumpy at times.

“But we know that’s not true. He’s as strong as an ox, so I’m hoping he will be around for a lot longer. Losing people is such a hard part of our lives, no matter what age they are or how they pass.”

The star's dad was taken ill - panicking Natalie


The star’s dad was taken ill – panicking Natalie
Natalie's dad Charles lives with her


Natalie’s dad Charles lives with herCredit: Alamy

She went on to add: “Here’s to everyone who has lost someone special, who are still going, who some days may not feel like it’s worth it, and other days laugh and joke like the rest of ’em.

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“We have good days, bad days, inbetween days. But you get on and enjoy your life, because that’s what they would want us to do. Happy Tuesday.”

As well as her dad, Natalie lives with EastEnders cameraman husband Marc Humphreys and their 10-year-old daughter Eliza.

The star with husband Marc


The star with husband MarcCredit: Natalie Cassidy / Instagram
Natalie plays Sonia in EastEnders


Natalie plays Sonia in EastEndersCredit: BBC

Last month, the Sonia Jackson actress opened up about her mum’s devastating death as she revealed the moving tribute she has to remember Evelyn in her garden.

Posting on Instagram, Natalie revealed that her brother had bought her a touching gift to remember their mum by for her 30th birthday.

The photo showed stunning flowers and green leaves growing over a block with Evelyn’s name written on it.

Natalie explained in the post’s caption: “This is our Evelyn Rose.

Natalie was just 19 when her mum passed away
Natalie was just 19 when her mum passed away
She has a tribute to her mum in her garden


She has a tribute to her mum in her garden Credit: Instagram
Natalie Cassidy’s real-life fiancé Marc appeared on Secrets from the Square

“My brother bought it for me for my 30th birthday. It’s 7 and a bit years old and has never looked better. My dad loves it and cares for it.

“I lost my mum when I was 19 – her name was Evelyn.”

She added how much she appreciated having something close by to remember her mum as her busy schedule sometimes stops her from getting to the cemetery.

The star wrote: “It’s nice to have something in your own space as well as a cemetery. Life is busy and you feel guilty for not going up there.”


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