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Dyson's new laser-equipped vacuum tallies up dust kill counts like a videogame – PC Gamer

We’re always coming across cool tools in videogames that we wish we could have in real life, like gravity gloves, shrink rays, and grappling hooks. But every now and then the opposite happens: we see a real-life tool that looks like it belongs in a videogame.

Take Dyson’s new vacuum, the Dyson V15 Detect, which has a frickin’ laser beam on it. As you push the vacuum, a “precisely-angled laser” illuminates dust and dirt particles on the floor in front of you. And not just regular dust! Even microscopic particles get lit up by the laser, because James Dyson’s unending war on filth will be waged even against innocent little bystanding dust mites you can’t actually see with the naked eye.


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