Dune Is Getting Three Soundtrack Albums from Award-Winning Composer Hans Zimmer

WaterTower Music announced the upcoming release of three separate soundtracks for Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures upcoming film Dune. The soundtracks are composed by Hans Zimmer, the Academy Award and Grammy-Award winning composer who is best known for film scores such as Inception, Interstellar, The Dark Knight, The Lion King, and the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

The schedule for the album drops was also announced. Sept. 3rd will see the release of the first album titled, The Dune Sketchbook (Music From the Soundtrack). According to Businesswire, this album will be “comprised of extended, immersive musical explorations of the Dune film score.” The album will be released in standard and Dolby Atmos versions, marking the first time a score from Zimmer has been released in the Dolby Atmos style of sound.

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Sept. 17th brings the release of Dune (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), featuring Zimmer’s score and themes for Dune. This will also be released in both standard and Dolby Atmos format.

On the prospect of releasing an album in Dolby Atmos, Hans Zimmer said, “I was inspired to look at this music in a different way and to take the audience on a journey beyond the movie. To fully showcase these unique sounds and this soundtrack, I felt it must be available via an immersive technology that utilizes spatial audio. So, it was decided to deliver it in Dolby Atmos.”

The third album, titled The Art and Soul of Dune, will release on Oct. 22nd. This album is a companion soundtrack to the book of the same name by Dune‘s executive producer Tanya Lapointe and “offers unparalleled insight and exploration into the film.” The music will immerse the readers as they venture through this book.

Dune is directed by Denis Villeneuve, a director who Zimmer has worked with in the past, most recently on another sci-fi epic, Blade Runner 2049. Villeneuve knew Zimmer was the perfect choice to compose the score for Dune.

“We agreed that the music would need to have a spirituality to it… a sanctified quality,” Villeneuve stated. “Something that would elevate the soul and have the effect that only sacred music can. And I believe that is firmly present in Hans’ score.”

Zimmer called Villeneuve “one of the greats” and describes his excitement towards collaborating with him on this project. Zimmer is used to working on multiple films for the same director as he has composed several scores for films directed by Christopher Nolan.

“I absolutely love working with Denis. He has an incredible imagination and offers so much heart and soul within the complexity of making a film of this magnitude, and our aesthetic is very comparable,” Zimmer explained. “Dune has always been very close to both of our hearts. The task was to figure out how we were going to interpret something we truly loved and admired, and invite the audience to come and have their own personal experience. That was, for us, the reason to make this film.”

For those looking for a sneak preview of Zimmer’s score, WaterTower Music released two tracks from the upcoming albums, “Paul’s Dream” & “Ripples in the Sand.” We will all be able to listen to the score while watching Dune when it releases on Oct. 22nd in theaters and on HBO Max.


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