Dry, chapped lips? These soothing lip masks will keep skin silky-soft

There’s nothing worse than dry lips. They’re uncomfortable, can often be painful, and get in the way of wearing our favourite lipsticks. Keeping them hydrated and soothed can feel like a full-time job at times, and sometimes, lip balm just doesn’t cut it. If you’re finding your lips feel perpetually dry, consider adding a lip mask into your skincare routine.

Here at GLAMOUR, we’re big fans of hardworking products that work their magic while you sleep and lip masks can do just that. Most are designed to be applied before bed and left to get to work, so when your alarm goes off the next day, you can wake up with hydrated, soothed lips, ready for bold lipstick, high-shine gloss, or just a swipe of lip balm.

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There’s hardly a shortage of masks to choose from, so we’ve made it our mission to find the best of the bunch, packed with nourishing ingredients, across budgets big and small, and have curated an edit of the products we simply can’t live without.

What is the best lip treatment for dry lips?

A lip balm is great for everyday use, and you can find 22 of the best lip balms for pillowy soft lips here. However, a lip mask goes one step further and contains more emollients and occlusives, which combined, condition, hydrate, moisturise and protect from environmental factors, and can be found in ingredients such as vitamin e, hyaluronic acid, plant-based oils and beeswax.

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How many times can you use a lip mask?

It all comes down to the ingredients in it but most are safe to use everyday or as often as you feel the need to. Make sure your lips are completely clean and free from any product before applying, some may need washing off in the morning, while some will fully absorb overnight.

Others take minutes to work, much like a sheet mask, and are great to apply ahead of doing your makeup to ensure a smooth, hydrated base.

Some of our standout lip masks include this vegan melatonin overnight lip mask from Milk Makeup, while we also love Lottie London’s sweet lips that plumps and adds a wash of colour at the same time. Kiehl’s buttermask for lips is another all-time top pick, that’s full of coconut oil and mango butter so baby soft skin.


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