Drama in the Dales: 8 massive Emmerdale spoilers for next week

Mucky Moira and Naughty Nate finally kick their steamy affair off in the barn, while Jacob puzzles his friends and family with his odd behaviour, unaware that the teen is making plans for the future

 Emmerdale's Jacob gets in contact with paedophile Maya


Emmerdale’s Jacob gets in contact with paedophile Maya
  •  Charity kicks everyone out of the pub

There’s some bad news for everyone living at The Woolpack when it’s revealed the pub has dry rot.

Charity tells Chas, Paddy and Bear that they all need to find somewhere else to live while it’s treated. 

Meanwhile, knowing a closed pub isn’t great for business, Charity comes up with an alternative arrangement.

  • Jacob makes plans with Maya

Jacob’s family are all nervous as he waits to get his GCSE results. David and Leyla pray he’s done well enough despite everything.

But, when his results are disappointing, David, Leyla and Pollard all try to cheer him up. Little do they know that Jacob is making plans for his future with Maya.

Later, Priya invites Jacob for lunch and is dumbfounded by his behaviour.

 Emmerdale's Harriet and Will share a passionate kiss


Emmerdale’s Harriet and Will share a passionate kissCredit: ITV
  • Nate and Moira get busy in the barn
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Nate and mucky Moira finally give into temptation and get down and dirty in the barn.

Cain’s away for drinks and Moira is uneasy having the house to herself. And with good reason as, it’s not long before she is unable to resist Nate and they tear each other’s clothes off.

  • Will returns – for Harriet’s heart?

Will heads back to the village and Dawn is certain there’s a spark between her dad and Harriet so she decides to play matchmaker.

Planning to reunite them, she offers to cook a meal for Will. Soon he and Harriet are sharing a passionate kiss and things are looking rosy.

  • Panic for Paddy when Bear asks him a question

Paddy has a worrying moment when Bear asks him to read out one of the love letters from Paddy’s mum.

Paddy panics when he lies about the contents as he soon realises that Bear will be able to read them for himself.

 Emmerdale's Tracy and Vanessa fallout


Emmerdale’s Tracy and Vanessa falloutCredit: ITV
  • Moira tries to get Nate out of her system

Flustered over her feelings for Nate, Moira tells him that nothing can happen between them. But she’s clearly only trying to convince herself.

Later she plans a date night with Cain and Nate is obviously jealous. He pulls her in for a kiss and she doesn’t pull away.

But later, she redirects her passion towards Cain, but it’s clearly Nate who has stoked her fire.

  • Tension bubbles between Tracy and Vanessa

Things are still not well between Tracy and Vanessa as the pair try to finalise Frank’s funeral plans.

Will Tracy be able to clear her dad’s name and make Vanessa see she was in the wrong?

  • Graham is determined to solve his chess mystery
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Graham is still perturbed about his mystery chess opponent, but is on the trail to find out who it is.

Emmerdale’s Tracy SLAPS sister Vanessa after she says dad Frank started the fire



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