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With so much going on in the Dragon Ball franchise, it’s only natural for “what if” stories to pop up & circulate around the fandom.

The Dragon Ball series may not be one of the strongest and deepest when it comes to the lore of the series, but it does have some of the most legendary and loved stories in all of anime and manga. However, while the series does a lot that the fans love, there are still things fans wish it would do.

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This is where the amazing world of “What If” Dragon Ball stories come in. Fans and official sources have put out their own What If stories with fan manga, animations, and even videogames. Of course, some of these stories are better than others.

10 A Collaboration Between One Punch Man & Dragon Ball Z Would Be Fun

db x saitama

The fan manga, Dragon Ball X One Punch Man, or DB X Saitama is a look at a Dragon Ball world if Saitama was born there at the strength level he has in the One Punch Man series.

It is an awesome fan series that features awesome battles and some amazing art that emulates the actual Dragon Ball style. Readers even get to see Saitama compete in the World Tournament.

9 A Fan Is Reborn As Yamcha

reincarnated as yamcha

Dragon Ball: That Time I Got Reborn As Yamcha is one of the most high-profile and probably the most read fan manga What If stories in Dragon Ball by Dragon Garow Lee.

This story features a Dragon Ball fan being reborn as Yamcha, and since he knows everything that’s going to happen, he does everything he can to be more successful in life than Yamcha.

8 Goku Black Vs GT Goku Will Decide Who’s The Better Goku

dbvs dream match

One amazing Dragon Ball doujinshi fan story is DBVS Special Edition: Dream Match. This story stars Goku Black going to the GT Universe to take on another Goku.

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He approaches this Goku in order to hone his new body in the midst of his battle with Goku and Vegeta. In this story, it’s shown that he is able to become Super Saiyan Rose in response to GT Goku’s Super Saiyan Four.

7 Gohan & Trunks Are The Last Z Fighters

gohan x trunks after

Gohan and Trunks: After is another fan doujinshi that fans have been wanting even before it was a thing just because of how much they loved Future Gohan and Future Trunks.

This series is an alternate future where Gohan meets a young girl who is killed and awakens anger within him to defeat the androids. He and Trunks are the last Z Fighters and continue to fight threats that show up later in Z.

6 Bardock Is Sucked Into A Time Warp & Becomes The Super Saiyan Frieza Fears Most

chilled vs bardock

Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock is a What If sequel to the original Bardock OVA, Bardock: Father of Goku where instead of simply meeting his end via Frieza’s Death Ball, he is sucked into a time warp.

This time warp sends him to the past where he has to save a village from Frieza’s ancestor, Chilled. In defeating him, Bardock becomes the Super Saiyan of legend who Frieza is so afraid of.

5 Dragon Ball AF Continues The Story After The Events Of GT


The most legendary Dragon Ball What If story is of course Dragon Ball AF, the story of the remaining Z-Fighters after the ending of Dragon Ball GT.

This story features all the fighters that were left on planet Earth after Goku and Piccolo passed on which are Gohan, Vegeta, Goten, Trunks, Uub, and Pan.

4 What If Cell Absorbed Krillin?

cell krillin

One of the most hilarious What If stories that fans constantly bring up is one that actually comes from the Dragon Ball videogameDragon Ball Z: Budokai.

In this What If story, Cell absorbs Krillin after Krillin jumps in the way to save Android 18. Cell ends up basically a Cell Jr and is defeated by Tien and Yamcha.

3 What If Goku Never Lost His Memory?

A story that the fan comic Dragon Ball multiverse greatly expanded on is that of “What if Goku never lost his memory when he landed on planet Earth.”

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However, in this version of the story, the Earthlings are warned about it and train enough to combat the Saiyans. Here Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, and more on Earth are the heroes against Goku, or in this case, Kakarot.

2 What If Raditz Turned Good?

good raditz

Another What If concept that fans absolutely love also made a big appearance in a popular game, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, and is “What if Raditz turned good?”

For years fans of Dragon Ball have wished for more expansion on Raditz’s character and his relationship with his brother. This little treat story gave fans just that.

1 What If Vegeta Came To Earth Instead Of Goku?

dragon ball sai

What’s probably the most popular fan story when it comes to Dragon Ball is most likely due to one of the most popular characters being the main character.

In this story, Vegeta is the one that arrives on Earth instead of Goku, while Goku comes in later as the villain instead. Here, Vegeta is the hero but hasn’t lost his memory. He ends up defeating all the early Dragon Ball villains easily due to never losing his memory but his rivalry with Goku and love for Bulma are all the same.

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