Downing Street hints that regional tier system could be made tougher post lockdown


he regional coronavirus tier system could be made stricter when England leaves lockdown, Downing Street hinted today.

Boris Johnson has stressed that England will return to the local tiered approach when lockdown ends on December 2.  

However, there has been mounting speculation that the system may be tougher and feature a high “Tier 4” level along the lines of lockdown.

Asked about the speculation, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman replied: “What we will obviously want to ensure is that we continue to keep the virus under control when we exit the tougher national measures.

“But as for precisely what the regionalised system is that replaces the tougher measure I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until we set that out to Parliament.”

It comes after a source told The Telegraph there was a “high probability” the Government would put entire regions under a set of restrictions – rather than individual cities or council areas.

Asked when plan would be published, the spokesman replied: “I think we have committed to setting out the details of the return to the regionalised approach in the week in advance of the December 2.  

“So, what that means in practical terms is not next week but the week after.”

MPs, including Tory backbenchers, have complained about the little time that has been given to scrutinise the Government’s covid measures.  

Asked if they would be set out in good time for scrutiny before a vote, the spokesman replied: “We do want to ensure MPs have time to properly scrutinise the new system.”

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