Donald Trump: US President is eager to buy Greenland – will this stop UK travel there?

Donald Trump is said to be eager to purchase the island of Greenland, a territory of Denmark, yet a state separate from the European Union. The surprise interest from the President of the United States could impact Britons hoping to head to the state for their holidays. Around 850,000 UK travellers visit Denmark in its entirety every year, yet will the POTUS’ comments and intentions impact this? Greenland measures up to 2.166 million km squared, with a population of more than 56,000.

Its capital city is Nuuk, where aircraft from the UK fly into, usually after changing in Iceland on their journey.

The FCO warns British travellers: “Greenland and the Faroes aren’t members of the European Union.

“You don’t need a visa to enter for tourism, but you should get a work and residence permit before entry if you intend to live and work there.”

The New York Times states the POTUS is particularly interested isn Greenland for “it’s natural resources, like coal and uranium.”

At present, it is unclear how such a purchase could be made by the US yet if Trump does go ahead, he may decide to make the island private.

This could potentially result in difficulties for tourists entering it.

It remains to be seen how this plays out as the discussions over what would be a hugely surprise purchase continue.

At a meeting, Trump allegedly asked the room: “What do you guys think about that?”

“Do you think it would work?”

Some of Trump’s administration have supported the concept while other have dismissed it as “fleeting fascination”, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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Trump’s plans come as he is set to visit Denmark early next month which is unrelated to the plans to purchase.

US officials view Greenland as important to American national-security interests.

A defence treaty between the countries allowed the US military unlimited rights in Greenland at America’s northernmost base, Thule Air Base.

Located 750 miles north of the Arctic Circle, it includes a radar station that is part of a US ballistic missile early warning system.

People outside the White House have described purchasing Greenland as an Alaska-type acquisition for Trump’s legacy.


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