Dominic RAAB to make LEAP for Tory leadership – propose radical new policies

The former Brexit secretary will give a major speech to the Tory think tank Onward stating new policies to combat social immobility and inequality. According to the Sun, Mr Raab will pitch radical new policies that include paying teachers more for working in the roughest schools in Britain. He believes the policy should be a priority and told the Sun: “If there’s one change I’d like to see, having sat on the Education Select Committee between 201 and 2014, it’s to pay teachers more for teaching in our tougher schools.”

Theresa May is expected to step down later in the year making Mr Raab’s upcoming speech the prime time to pitch for leadership.

His new policies will also call for an expansion of vocational programmes for children older than 14 who do not want to go to university.

Tony Blair’s later years in power put emphasis on vocational skills but this was overlooked by subsequent Governments.

Mr Raab will say in his speech: “My experience taught me that no one-off meritocratic process will ever be perfect, so we need to build layer upon layer of opportunity, I’m talking about a ‘second chance society,’ for those who miss out on their shot, whether that’s because of bad luck, a bad day or they just happen to blossom later in life.

“We’ve got to make sure that our young people get a genuine opportunity to fulfil their potential.”

MPs will vote on Theresa May’s revised Brexit deal on Tuesday, March 12.

Speaking on Sky News Sunday Mr Raab ridiculed the European Unions “total intransigence” throughout Brexit talks.

He also warned chief Brexit negotiator Michael Barnier that time is almost up.

The leading Brexiteer MP said the EU’s behaviour throughout Brexit negotiations proves it “wants control” over Britain.

He said on Sky News: “Is there any sign from the EU that they would say ‘ok we need a few extra weeks because we need to work on this question of exit mechanism. If Michael Barnier had come back with something positive the mood might be different.

“But he hasn’t. he has come back with a very different provocative set of proposals which would effectively put a wedge between Northern Ireland and the rest of Great Britain and that would be very damming for Northern Ireland but it would have other precedent for the rest of the UK – and that’s clearly unacceptable.

“So, it feels more to me that we have reached close to the end of the road. But let’s see. More proposals could come from the EU in the next few days.”

Mr Raab said in order to get the support of the MPs Theresa May would have to provide legally binding changes to the withdrawal agreement focusing on the exit mechanism.

He added: “Let’s see – there is still time. But this is for the EU to decide now.”


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