Dolly Parton’s Dollywood theme park is loved by kids and now it’s had a £30million expansion with lots of new rides

DOLLY Parton’s famous theme park, Dollywood, has had a £30 million expansion called Wildwood Grove.

The new six-acre attraction has 11 experiences, including six brand new rides.

 A £30 million expansion has opened in Dollywood


A £30 million expansion has opened in DollywoodCredit: Dollywood

One of the rides called The Mad Mocking Bird takes guests up a large ‘tree’ as part of a spinning, flying ride, while a swinging ride called the Sycamore Swing projects riders backwards and forwards on a boat designed to look like a leaf.

Another popular new ride is the Dragon Flier, a 40mph rollercoaster suitable for families and young kids.

The area even has a water park called Wildwood Creek, which includes a swimming pool and cafe area.

One of the main attractions, however, is the 52ft Wildwood Tree which has more than 650 lit butterflies at night.

 The new rides feature the Great Tree Swing


The new rides feature the Great Tree SwingCredit: Dollywood
 The Treetop Tower spins riders while climbing the tree


The Treetop Tower spins riders while climbing the treeCredit: Dollywood
 The park has been created by Dolly Parton


The park has been created by Dolly PartonCredit: Rex Features

On the website, it explains: “Beyond an ancient hollow log and into a hidden land, Wildwood Grove beckons the explorer in all of us.

“Let curiosity be your guide as you journey ever deeper, past sparkling creeks, through a charming village, and under the mighty limbs of the great Wildwood Tree.”

According to Fox News, the area is based on Dolly’s childhood growing up in the outdoors at Smoky Mountains between North Carolina and Tennessee.

She said: “All us kids would splash and play in the creeks and ponds around home and have these daydreams about the world around us.”

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 There are 11 family-friend experiences


There are 11 family-friend experiencesCredit: Dollywood
 The six-acre expansion is based on Dolly's childhood


The six-acre expansion is based on Dolly’s childhoodCredit: Dollywood
 The park first opened in the 1980s


The park first opened in the 1980sCredit: Alamy

She added: “We’ve been able to create a new area to allow families to experience some of those exact dreams we all had when we were little.”

However, she admitted earlier this year that she has never ridden her own rides – as she’s scared she would lose her hair or shoes.

The park is a favourite with kids and has over 16,000 reviews – over 10,000 of which give it five stars.

Many claimed it was better than Universal and Disney as it was “slower paced”.

The performances that take place throughout the day were often praised, as well as the park being big enough to spend more than one day exploring.

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The park has more than 40 rides and attractions with a rollercoaster called Lightning Rod previously voted as one of the most terrifying rollercoaster drops in the world.

Dollywood opened in 1986 and has over three million visitors every year.

A day pass costs $74 (£60).

A huge new £37m attraction is to open in Yorkshire called Gulliver’s Valley.

The park, with more than 70 new rides, is expected to open next year.

A £75m water park could also be opening in Bournemouth, called Elysium, in the future.


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