Dog found with necklace, 'engagement' ring stumps Capetonians – but there's a 'pretty' simple explanation

It’s not every day that you come across a dog adorned with seemingly valuable jewellery on the street.

So when a puppy was found tied to a pole in Milnerton this week, wearing a pendant necklace and an engagement ring attached to its  collar, Capetonians scratched their heads in wonder.

It was not long before they came up with all sorts of theories on Cheryl-Lyn’s Rescue Organisation Facebook page, where photos of the well looked-after pooch were posted.

Many thought that it was the sign of a relationship hitting the rocks.

“Maybe they broke up and she gave the ring back… And he’s dumped her dog and the ring… Who knows… very sad this,” said one woman.

Another said: “So strange. Maybe a relationship squabble and girlfriend wanted to make a statement to bf by dumping his dog with jewellery he gave her . Really wierd [sic].”

A few thought it was a proposal gone wrong.

Someone suggested a man had perhaps tried to propose using their beloved dog but “something happened to them en route”, while another said: “Gosh. All I can picture is a dude bringing his girlfriend to that spot to surprise her with a puppy and a proposal and pupper is gone!”

On the back of depressing news about the GDP shrinking, it was inevitable that some would think the economy was to blame.

“I must be honest – I won’t be surprised if this doggie comes from a very loving home, but they are unable to care for it. So instead of taking it to a shelter, they tie it up hoping a good person will cross its path,” one woman said. “So the jewelry was placed on the dog, that whom ever finds the dog will take care of it. Jewelry can be sold in order to buy dog food… Sjoe… It’s so sad what ever the story might be.”

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Other wild theories included themes of crime and even suicide.

But the truth turned out to be far simpler.

(Cheryl-Lin's Rescue Organisation)


Rescue organisation owner Cheryl-Lyn Potgieter told News24 that it subsequently emerged the dog belonged to a woman living on the street.

While it looked valuable, the items were costume jewellery.

“She said she just wanted her dog to look pretty.”

Potgieter said one man had phoned to claim that it was his wife’s ring that was stolen in Milnerton but he couldn’t produce photos.

She hoped that people would pay as much attention, or even more, to the many cases of animal cruelty that she dealt with every day in the Table View area.

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