Does Gaming Positively affect Couples Relationship?

Does Gaming Positively affect Couples Relationship

It is widely known that the appeal of video games isn’t limited to one’s gender or age group. People love gaming irrespective of age and gender, they enjoy spending time playing a wide variety of games using an equally wide variety of devices. Due to the number of people interested in gaming, there have been speculations concerning its effects on the masses.

Of course, there are different aspects this covers, but the particular area of concern in this write-up is the way that gaming could positively or negatively affect relationships.

Various research has been carried out and there is evidence that shows that playing games can bring a couple closer together.

Based on the survey conducted by the UK online casino aggregator, aimed at exploring which factors are most influential for British gamers according to each relationship status (single, in a relationship, married and divorced); 88% of Couples stated that, the main reason they game together is to spend more time with each other.

Key Points

  • 88% of the gamer couples believe the main benefit of playing together is that it allows spending more time with one another
  • League of Legends is the most played video game in long-distance relationships
  • Mario Kart 8 is the most favorite game to play in couples
  • 71% of couples say that gaming together helped them build stronger connections
  • 92% of players who met through online gaming are now married

Gaming can be therapeutic for couples, it can help people work together for a common goal, share challenges, compete, solve joint problems, and more. Gaming for couples can be a shared activity, and shared activities can foster intimacy between people.

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The analysis carried out by shows that games have a positive influence on gamers’ love lives – it revealed that 92% of players who met through

online gaming are now married. It also stated that 40% of married couples who play games together are in the age group of 35 to 44. However, the same is not true for gamer couples between 18 and 25, with fewer than 20% revealing that they game together.

To maintain a healthy relationship, couples tend to have similar interests, and the report shows that gaming happens to be that interest in couples especially those that are in a long-distance relationship. It affirmed that 45% of couples in long-distance relationships play League of Legends to keeping the flame burning, whilst Half-Life: Alix is the least played (5%) amongst them.

The survey shows that being in a committed relationship benefits the gaming performance, which is true for 56% of the couples who often share game tactics and tips.

It is a known fact that; games are best enjoyed when playing with someone else, if not a two-player console would not have been designed; The survey found that 49% of gamer couples elected Mario Kart as the couch co-op game where they perform best together.

Hence, couples can play games together as a means to connect. Couples who participate in gaming together don’t simply spend more time with one another, they also communicate more.

On the other hand, 45% of singles admitted to performing badly at racing games.

Also, Battlefield and Escape from Tarkov are the best-loved games for 46% of solo-male players, while 48% of single female gamers favor games of chance.

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Most notable amongst the singles that game together is the increasing trend of flirting with the opposite sex, which is most observable in London. First-person shooter games seem to be amongst the favorites ways to flirt with other players.

For instance, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, and Redemption are the top video game picks for singles, whilst committed couples prefer playing Mario Kart, Counterstrike, and Divinity: Original Sin 2 with their partners.

Likewise, couples with a bit of a competitive streak can play games against one another. In this regard, the survey shows that couples that frequently play together, love to go against one another a lot of the times; Theo Navarro, a team member at, who frequently games with his partner, says:

“Playing games together is a great way to actively spend time with one another, instead of just watching TV. Plus, it’s a healthy way to get competitive and let off steam together as a couple. Some of our fondest memories have been engaged in battles to the death in games like Mortal Kombat XI”.

Alternatively, couples can team up together to defeat difficult levels in games or play online games with one another. This positively impacts a relationship.

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