Doctor Who’s Jodie Whittaker reveals moment she ‘absolutely bricked it’ in new series

Doctor Who’s upcoming series will see the gang have to face a whole load of new challenges from alien life who unexpectedly find themselves on earth. However, the cast spoke out on some of the more scary moments they faced whilst filming the show as Jodie Whittaker admitted she is “not good with the dark”. 

After nearly a year away from TV screens, fans will be thrilled as the show finally makes its long-awaited return on New Year’s Day.

They will find themselves in some brand new battles with old and new monsters, but it seems it’s something else which scares the cast whilst filming the alien inspired epic. 

Lead star Jodie admitted how she often finds herself in fear despite the show being fictional and often knowing what was coming up for her. 

She told and other press: “I would say locations, sometimes it’s just the suggestion of fear that can get me.

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She also confessed how unlike her character she has a lot of fears, saying: “I’m not very good with the dark, I’m not very good with long corridors.

“The dark, even if nothing creeps out or even if you’ve rehearsed it several times you know it’s going to happen, things like that that can really get me.”

Jodie then noted how the rest of the cast often end up unintentionally freaking each other out. 

“I don’t know there’s like a slight unison in it so from one of you gets scared the other gets scared of everything episode,” she explained.

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Bradley also teased what is to come further on in the series as he spoke about one particular moment that made him “proper jump”. 

He told the audience: “Let me just say that because there was a moment in episode three that is absolutely… Now I don’t scare easy and it made me proper, proper jump!”

When asked whether things often jumped out and scared the cast on set, Jodie revealed how the “idea of something” was often scarier than the reality when it came to being frightened on set. 

“I think sometimes the idea of something, when you’re pretending there’s a massive spider running at you, I have to say, even when they weren’t there.

“If someone just got the tennis ball really quick and kind of like whacked it on the floor, knowing it was going to be a spider was awful. 

“Yeah, the anticipation. Also one of the scariest bits was when we were filming in the lab, and the spider handler was changing tanks, it ran up her arm.”

Mandip Gill told the audience how she “bolted” as Jodie continued to explain the situation. 

“I felt awful, absolutely awful, she was so relaxed and she was like, you know ‘just don’t aggravate it’ and he’s [Bradley] got a toy one and stuck it on his face,” she said.

“I had massive words in that scene as well, which was really helpful!” 

Doctor Who returns on New Year’s Day at 6.55pm on BBC One. 


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