Doctor Who writer exposes ‘dark and dangerous’ David Tennant twist which never aired

As fans stuck with him through his epic fights with out of this world beings to his rare sentimental side, such as his long distance relationship with River Song, he instantly become a great contender for the best Doctor ever.

And now, executive producer Russell T Davies has revealed there was more to his story, but it never got to air on the BBC series.

A dark and dangerous twist – talk about teasing!

Earlier this week, Davies joined David and co-star Catherine Tate, for a special fan re-watch of the series four two-parter The Stolen Earth and Journey’s End.

He played two parts in each episode – as the Doctor and also a Meta-Crisis version of the character with darker motives.

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“The point is, the half-human Doctor is more wild, more dangerous, more warlike. (IE, he’ll need Rose more.) So the Doctor would disapprove of him #SubwaveNetwork.”

What could have been eh Russell?

He also let fans in on a little secret of who else he would have liked to have cast for a scene on the show.

Dame Judi Dench and Sir Ian McKellen were top contenders to play a new incarnation of The Doctor, but unfortunately it never happened.


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