Disneyland Paris has banned plastic straws and will soon charge up to €2 for bags

DISNEYLAND Paris is the latest theme park to crack down on single use plastic, by banning plastic straws.

And for guests who buy souvenirs in the parks’ shops, they will now be charged up to two euros if they want a bag to put it in.

 Disneyland Paris guests will no longer be able to use single plastic straws and bags

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Disneyland Paris guests will no longer be able to use single plastic straws and bags

According to The Local, for guests who need it, plastic straws will be be replaced by biodegradable paper straws upon request from today.

As for the bags, they will be Disney branded and come in several sizes, with prices ranging from one euro to two euros.

The bags are made from 80 per cent recycled plastic fibres and will be available in the parks from April 23.

A Disney spokesperson confirmed with Sun Online Travel that guests are still welcome to bring their own bags into the parks.

Many of the Disneyland park hotels are stepping up too, by removing miniature bottles of toiletries.

Instead, guests will have access to larger bottles that can be refilled and this change will be implemented by June.

Last year, Walt Disney Corporation announced plans to get rid of single use plastic in all the parks it owns by mid-2019, including Disney World in Florida and Disneyland Anaheim.

This includes 175 million plastic straws, 13 million plastic stirrers and removing all polystyrene cups.

Social media users were conflicted when it came to the new ban.

Twitter user Samantha said: “@Disney has eliminated plastic bags from their stores & gives you the option to buy a $1 reusable bag !!!!! This is the direction we need to go in!!!!!!!!!!”

Another person said: “I cannot believe the amount of people of people i heard complain in California while i was at Disney about PAPER STRAWS ???”

However, others questioned what this would mean for disabled guests who rely on plastic straws.

One remarked: “Welp, I sure hope Disney has some sort of plan in place for disabled guests who need to use straws.

“(And I guess I’ll be bringing straws with me everywhere.)”

Another wrote: “Strongly considering never coming to Disney world again if they’re gonna keep enforcing this paper straw only policy.

“Bring back the plastic straws please some things just aren’t worth it.”

Euro Disney also plans to install solar panels to increase the use of renewable energy which is currently just 10 per cent.

The latest Disney park rule changes include smoking inside the park and stroller wagons, both of which will soon be banned.

From May 1, guests will have to use smaller buggies, and go outside of the park if they want to smoke.

Disney guests may be shocked to hear they are banned from dressing up as a Disney character if they are an adult, as it’s to prevent confusing young children.


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