POLICE are now looking for the woman who was caught burying a dirty nappy on Boracay beach in the Philippines.

The woman, along with her female companion, made headlines after they were filmed on the popular tourist beach.

 A woman was spotted buying her child's dirty nappy


A woman was spotted buying her child’s dirty nappy

According to Asia One, Philippino police are now working with local authorities and the Chinese embassy to find the two tourists.

Police are also patrolling the beach to protect it from any further incidents.

Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo added: “That obviously is a violation so they will be subject to administrative rather suits.

“So we would advise them, if they are in the Philippines, that they have to follow the rules.”

He added that they could be fined or face charges if caught.

He also suggested more bathrooms along the beach could prevent this from happening again.

 Her mother was also spotted washing her child


Her mother was also spotted washing her child
 A section of the beach was closed for cleaning


A section of the beach was closed for cleaningCredit: DENR/BIATF
 Swimming was also temporarily banned


Swimming was also temporarily bannedCredit: DENR/BIATF
 The beach was closed last year after it became polluted with sewage


The beach was closed last year after it became polluted with sewageCredit: Photolibrary RM – Getty

Officials were forced to close a section of the beach to clean the area which resulted in human faeces entering the water.

Tourism Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat told ABS-CBN that swimming was also banned in the area.

The local who filmed the two women said she was swimming in the water when she realised what was happening.

She said they were “all in shock and grossed out” by their behaviour, before yelling at them to get their attention to stop.

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The beach was closed for over six months last year due to “s*** coming out of pipes and draining out to sea” according to the president of the Philippines.

While it has since re-opened, there are strict new laws to prevent it being polluted again, such as a cap on tourists and no more beach parties.

It also has an Anti Littering Law which bans public acts such as spitting, urinating and defecating including on Boracay beach.

Ibiza beach closed because there’s too much human poo in the sea – but it hasn’t stopped eager Brits from swimming in it

Beaches in the UK don’t fare much better, with the number of dirty beaches on the rise.

Earlier this year, more than 50 beaches were advised against swimming in due to sewage discharge.

Surfers Against Sewage listed the beaches around Britain that were contaminated due to heavy rainfall.



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