'Disgusting neighbours left horrific item outside my door after rowdy complaint'

A Reddit user has shared a shocking experience of neighbourly revenge after a complaint about a noisy lift. The post on the group subreddit r/neighborsfromhell describes how an ongoing issue with a malfunctioning elevator escalated into an unpleasant and retaliatory act.

According to the post, the user lives in a building with an elevator that requires manual door operation. If the doors are not properly closed, the elevator emits a high-pitched beep that continues until the doors are correctly closed.

An incident reortedly happened where the elevator beeped “incessantly” for 20 minutes. The user, who claimed they could hear the noise from five floors away, eventually went down the stairs to close the door properly.

Upon arriving, they discovered that a neighbour was standing nearby, seemingly indifferent to the noise. “It is 100% IMPOSSIBLE they haven’t heard that they didn’t close well the elevator therefore blocking it at their floor,” wrote lv4n1337.

Frustrated, lv4n1337 banged on the door and shouted at the neighbor, accusing them of blocking the elevator and ignoring the beeping. Despite the confrontation, the neighbor showed no concern about the inconvenience caused to others in the building.

Five days after the confrontation, lv4n1337 found dog faeces placed outside their door. Noting that there are no pets on their floor, the user suspects this was an act of retaliation by someone in the building.

“It was deliberately done by someone,” lv4n1337 stated. “I’m investigating the possible culprit, all for revenge.”

The incident sparked a flurry of comments from other Reddit users, who shared their thoughts and advice. “First thought is, does your building have cameras so you can prove they did it and possibly report it?” one person asked.

Another commenter shared their own frustration with similar elevators that often get stuck due to negligent residents.

“I absolutely hate these types of elevators,” they wrote. “I have the same thing in my building, and they get stuck often because of careless or douchey people that fail to close the doors.”

Some comments took a more aggressive stance, advising lv4n1337 on potential acts of revenge. One user suggested a particularly vengeful tactic: “I would take that c*** and smear it on their door handle. I wouldn’t care if my hands would smell of dog c*** for 1 month after.”


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