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'Didn't have the heart to tell them' Kanye West's mishap with Prince William and Harry

In a column for the New York Post, Piers wrote on Monday that Kanye looked “bl**dy ridiculous” at the event, which took place in California’s SoFi Stadium.

He added: “The crowd, which had been raucously cheering every famous face that appeared on screen, suddenly began booing and jeering.

“I’m proud to admit I was one of them, because if anyone deserves such an outpouring of public disapproval right now, it’s surely this narcissistic, jumped-up buffoon.”

Piers continued: “Now, since their bitterly acrimonious break-up and vicious ongoing divorce battle, we’re seeing the full range of Kanye’s horribly selfish and frankly, vile character – and it stinks so pungently that a Super Bowl booing should be the least of his punishments.”


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