Did you fall for any pranks this April Fools’ Day?

Fashion and beauty brands and retailer’s love an April Fools’ Day prank,
were you taken in by the news that an online fashion retailer was launching
its own budget airline, or that there was a new personalised knitwear
collection so you could twin with your dog, or how about Strongbow entering
the fragrance market or that the EU is banning Brits from manufacturing
Breton tops?

Here’s a selection of the best April Fools’ jokes FashionUnited

Did you fall for any pranks this April Fools’ Day?

Joules launches Pawfection collection

British heritage brand Joules announced via e-mail that it was “bringing
the twinning trend to man’s best friend” with a new knitwear collection
that would allow customers to personalise their knitwear with the face of
their pooch, and vice versa.

The cute limited-edition tail-waggingly good jumpers are made from soft
wool and are handstitched with you and your pet’s faces for an adorable
twinning look.

Images: courtesy of Joules

Boden responds to Brexit Breton top ban

Breton tops are the latest casualties of Brexit as EU states that
British manufacturers will no longer be able to produce the French-inspired
stripy staple in the UK, according to Boden. It adds that anyone owning a
Breton top from today will also need to apply for a special EU shirt
license to wear one or face a 1,000 euro fine or a stretch in prison.

As a result of the ban, Boden have come up with a solution for its
customers, it will be offering a complimentary stripe removal service to
erase the offending lines from the tops, and the retailer will then send
back a “Bret-off” top.

Johnnie Boden, Boden’s founder, said in a statement: “We are committed
to maintaining our unrivalled level of customer service, and want to ensure
we limit the disappointment during this time. We will therefore be offering
a stripe-removal service, free of charge, for all Boden Breton owners.”

Did you fall for any pranks this April Fools’ Day?

Primark introduces sock vending machines

Budget fashion retailer Primark shared on its social media accounts that
it was introducing sock vending machines in capital cities around the world
including London and Paris. The vending machines are the retailer’s latest
innovation to help customers who only came into shop for socks find a more
convenient and quicker way of buying their essentials.

Image: via Primark Facebook

Boohoo launches budget airline

Budget fashion e-tailer Boohoo confirmed today, April 1 that it was
launching its own budget airline, Boohoo Air. In an email, Boohoo stated
“catch flights not feelings” with its new airline that would showcase how
to travel in style.

Did you fall for any pranks this April Fools’ Day?

River Island debuts a jumper for all the family

High street retailer River Island has launched a one size fits all
jumper for all the family. The #ThisIsFamily jumper gives a whole new
meaning to one size fits all, as the super soft black cotton jumper is
available in a range of sizes to ensure that all your family can get

River Island states on its website: “ A family who twins together, stays
together right?”

Image: courtesy of River Island

Did you fall for any pranks this April Fools’ Day?

Le Chameau launches Pre Muddé service

Premium bootmaker Le Chameau, who’s wellington boots have been worn by
Kate Middleton and Taylor Swift, has announced an exclusive ‘Pre Muddé’
service, which will offer customers an “authentic mud finish”.

The wellington boots will be available in a choice of mud finishes by
the brand’s expert pedologists (soil specialists) at no extra cost, chose
from 24 shades including Cotswold Brash, London Loam, Sussex Clay and
Portsmouth Peaty to offer that well-worn country look.

Image: courtesy of Le Chameau

Did you fall for any pranks this April Fools’ Day?

Strongbow launches first fragrance

Cider brand Strongbow has announced the launch of its debut fragrance,
‘Fruit Noir by Strongbow’, which is made up of the scents of a freshly
opened can of Strongbow Dark Fruit.

Emma Sherwood-Smith, cider director at Strongbow said in a statement:
“Probably the greatest scent in the world – a freshly opened can of
Strongbow Dark Fruit. Now men and women across the UK can carry that
fragrance with them everywhere they go. To the office, to the gym, on
public transport, at home in their pyjamas.

“Wow what’s that fragrance you’re wearing? It can only be Fruit Noir. We
are thrilled to announce this limited run of this unmistakeable

Images: courtesy of Strongbow

Happy April Fools’ Day!


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