Destiny 2 update: Why did the servers go down?

Destiny 2 servers went down (Picture: Bungie)

Destiny 2 players may have noticed a bit of a problem with the game yesterday as the servers were down for a time.

A problem with the weekly reset for January 28, which saw the implementation of the new 2.7.1 patch version, meant that the Destiny 2 servers were down for a time.

The maintenance was scheduled to start at 4pm UK time yesterday, and end at 6pm.

Howevever the patch proved problematic as some players noticed that they’d lost materials and currency after its rollout.

Here’s what’s been done to fix the problem…

Why did the Destiny 2 servers go down?

Bungie rolled back player accounts to before the patch in an attempt to sort the issue out, and they announced that they were taking the servers offline for the ’emergency maintenance.’

At around 3am GMT, according to the Bungie Help Twitter account, Destiny 2 servers came back online, and players were told to report any issues to the Bungie Help forum.

Later, Bungie Help tweeted: ‘Due to the rollback: Any progress or purchase made between 8:30-10 AM PST [4:30pm-6pm GMT] will need to be redone. Silver spent during that time will be restored. Platform store-purchased Silver bundles will not be affected by the rollback.’

Bungie further expanded on their website: ‘Today, Update 2.7.1 introduced an issue that affected currencies and pursuits. We immediately brought the game offline to mitigate any loss of materials while we investigated. We have identified the issue and the good news is that we were able to deploy an update to the server and will not have to update the game client.

‘We have rolled all character data back to our most recent backup at 8:30 a.m. Pacific [4:30pm GMT] before the issue was introduced. This will restore any lost materials caused by the issue, but players will lose any progress they made if they played between 8:30 a.m and 10:20 a.m. [6:30pm GMT] when we brought the game down for maintenance. Any purchases made using Silver or Bright Dust during this window will need to be repurchased. Any Silver spent or purchased will be restored.’

They also added that the server update has been completed.

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