Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes update live on PS4 and Xbox One

Bungie’s latest event for Destiny 2 is now live and playable on PS4 and Xbox One.

The Solstice of Heroes update is available to download on all platforms and includes new loot to unlock.

According to Bungie, Solstice of Heroes armour sets will need to be upgraded from their “Drained” Uncommon state to their “Renewed” Rare state.

“Completing the armour upgrade process will grant you the “Majestic” Legendary set,” Bungie adds.

“To upgrade the armour, Guardians must complete a variety of objectives on each armour piece before advancing to the next set. There will be a final set of objectives available to unlock the Masterwork version of the set.

“We know that while upgrading these sets is a fun experience, it does take a commitment of time and effort.

“Lest it feels like a bummer earning this set just to have the new armour system make it somewhat obsolete when Shadowkeep releases, we decided, based on player feedback, to make the Solstice of Heroes armour set the first armour 2.0 set you will receive (assuming you earn it, of course).

“Whatever full Legendary sets you earn now will have their new armour 2.0 versions waiting for you to pick up from the Gunsmith when Shadowkeep releases.

“You will be able to see only the set for the character you are logged in as; you will have to switch characters to claim other eligible sets.”

All players have access to the new Destiny 2 update, which is set to run until August 27.

Each day, the event will feature one of the three elements: Solar, Arc, and Void. Elemental kills will award you with Elemental Orbs.

And picking up these orbs will let you complete objectives to upgrade your armour.

Today’s Destiny 2 update also included some other big changes for PS4, Xbox One and PC players.

You can find the full list of tweaks made to the game, including to the sandbox, in the official patch notes:


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